SQlab 502 Trekking Clipless/Platform Pedals - silver-black/+15 mm

SQlab 502 Trekking Clipless/Platform Pedals

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For a natural foot position: the 502 Touring Pedals by SQlab

Conventional pedals force the feet into an almost parallel foot position. The extended axis of the SQlab 502 pedal allows a physiologically more natural foot position. This prevents the onset of strain on one side - especially in the case of fibula head syndrome. The shortened axle version is suitable for smaller shoe sizes and a small sit bone distance. This reduces the so-called Q-factor.


MTB, City & Touring
hybrid pedals (one side clipless, one side platform)

Technical Information:

Body Material:
Axle Material:

Manufacturer Numbers:

-5 mm:
0 mm:
+8 mm:
+15 mm:


Standard Axis (0 mm):
The standard commercial measurement for those who get along fine with pedals from major manufacturers in this sector.

Shorter Axle (- 5 mm)
These pedals are rarely used, but still have their purpose. The short axle is suited for cyclists with a small shoe size who can ride with a parallel foot position. The so-called Q-factor is therefore lower. Especially in combination with a narrow sit bone distance and narrow hip width, it makes sense to stand with the feet as close together as possible.

Longer Axle (+ 8 mm, + 15 mm)
The longer axle is important for people whose foot position is V-shaped when viewed from above. If the feet are placed parallel on the pedals, this no longer corresponds to the natural position and discomfort can occur in the knees. Therefore, if discomfort occurs, especially on the outside of the knee at the fibula head, the feet should be placed on the pedal according to their natural position. With clipless pedals, the cleat can usually be adjusted like this without any problems. Since it is then usually too narrow for the heel and this grinds on the crank or the frame, the longer axle of the SQlab pedals simply provides more space for this foot position. Also from shoe size 45 it often gets tight and you see smooth polished cranks.

The contact surface of SQlab bicycle pedals is always horizontal. Humans have been used to walking on level ground for millions of years. Even though the pedalling motion is still quite new for the biomechanical development of humans, the foot angle is a unique value. Alignment of the feet is best done in the shoe and first with insoles.
The adjustment of the foot via V-wedges, e.g. in case of a large forefoot angle and a knee elevation curve that is not in line with the axle, is best done by a bike fitting expert.


  • 1 pair of SQlab 502 Trekking clipless/platform pedals


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  • silver-black/+15 mm: 398 g
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  • silver-black/+8 mm, in stock
  • silver-black/+15 mm, in stock

Customer Reviews (3)


Customer Reviews (3)


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by Michael G. O. on 27.02.2024
verified purchase
item: silver-black/+15 mm

Also Funktion einwandfrei, für meine leichte Fußfehlstellung ideal, ermöglicht entspanntes Treten auf langen Touren. SPD Klick funktioniert bei mir tadellos. Einziges Manko ist die Lebensdauer der Kugel- und Gleitlager, die Pedale machen nach ca. 1 Jahr und 8 Tkm Geräusche und un das Lager bekommt Axialspiel.

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by Sven E. on 06.10.2020
verified purchase
item: silver-black/+15 mm

Funktionieren wie sie sollen wenn man breite Pedale braucht. Wenn die eigene Fusstellung schräg ist, sollte man darauf achten dass die Schuhe die Cleat-Montage auch schräg erlauben.

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by Alexander R. on 24.09.2017
verified purchase
item: silver-black/+8 mm
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Das Pedal an sich macht einen wertigen Eindruck. Kann noch keine Langzeitbeurteilung abgeben, jedoch ist der Einstieg sehr hakelig, was sehr nervig ist.

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