SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model

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black anodized/set (front+rear)
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SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
SRAM Code RSC Disc Brake Set - 2018 Model - black anodized/set (front+rear)
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The impeccable combination of power, modulation and consistency introduced in the SRAM Guide brake series, which was developed for Trail and Enduro applications, has made converts of some of the world’s best Downhill racers. But there’s an increasing need for more power and more control, as the definition of “possible” continues to change. The all-new Code brake is purpose built for high-performance, heavy-duty applications. Based on Guide architecture, Code’s fluid reservoir and pistons are bigger. The new Code is designed to deliver massive power, predictable modulation and incredible heat management for braking control on the longest descents and under the burliest loads.


Series: Code RSC
Application: Enduro, Gravity
Pistons: 4
Brake Mount: post mount (IS with adapter)
Brake Actuation: DOT 5.1
Brake Rotor: (Centerline) not included
Brake Lever: included
Brake Type: disc, hydraulic

Technical Information:

Lever Material: aluminium
Lever Body Material: aluminium
Caliper Material: aluminium
Lever Mount: right or left
Adjustment Options: reach adjust, contact point adjust
Clamp: 2-piece / MMX compatible
Front Hose Length: 950 mm
Rear Hose Length: 1800 mm


- offers high braking power
- larger Piggyback™ Reservoir and phenolic plastic brake pistons than the Guide
- easy maintenance
- reach and contact point adjust


Bleeding Edge™:
Bleeding Edge™ technology makes bleeding brakes quick and simple. An updated fluid path and bleed porting make it easier to push fluid through the caliper. A dedicated bleed adapter plugs into the bleed port and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss.

TPC Plus™ (Timing Port Closure):
A hydraulic brake’s timing port is the connection between the reservoir and the master cylinder bore. When the lever is squeezed, a cup seal passes this area and closes the port, which pressurizes the system. SRAM’s new TPC Plus™ features durable seals and an ultra-smooth cylinder bore finish, producing dependable braking power and consistency.

Expandable Bladder:
SRAM’s new brake lever design includes a reshaped bladder that helps regulate and reduce air bubbles. The bladder is specifically shaped to evacuate air from the lever and push the fluid exactly where it’s needed. The result is improved back-pressure relief, which produces dependable braking power and consistency.
PiggyBack™ Reservoir:
The brake fluid reservoir on SRAM’s latest lever design is optimized for both performance and ease of use. The PiggyBack™ Reservoir offers a simple, failsafe way to manage brake fluid, and also allows for ambidextrous lever placement—so you can switch your levers on the handlebar and run them moto without hassle.

Reach Adjust:
Brake lever fit and feel is a personal thing. Riders have individual positioning preferences, as well as unique hand sizes and finger lengths. Reach Adjust makes it easy to adjust your lever for maximum one-finger control for everyone.

Squeeze a new SRAM brake lever and you notice it immediately. Less deadband. More positive pad engagement. A new cam system requires less lever throw to push the pads toward the rotor. That’s great, but there’s more to perfect braking performance than just power. You need control. Many brake systems minimize deadband—but at the cost of modulation. SwingLink™ solves that with its special cam shape. When the pads contact the rotor, power is modulated, avoiding that “on/off” brake feel. It’s the perfect balance of power and precision.

Contact Point Adjustment:
Some people like the instantaneous power of a short lever throw. Others prefer the feel of a longer throw. With Contact Point Adjust, you can pick the position you want your fingers to be in when your brakes are engaged. It’s a quick and easy way to customize the feel of your brakes without having to move the pads. It’s also a way to balance both brake levers to feel exactly the same.

Lever Pivot Bearings:
Precision sealed bearings at the lever pivot enhance the clean, crisp lever actuation and consistent, light, one-finger feel.

DOT 5.1:
Heat is an enemy of any brake system, so advancements in heat management mean advancements in your ride. We found that in our systems DOT 5.1 takes almost three times longer to boil than DOT 4, thus allowing flawless, fade-free performance in even more extreme conditions.

Model Index:

front / black anodized:
- Type: front
- Hose Length: 950 mm
- Colour: black anodized
- Factory Number: 00.5018.109.000

rear / black anodized:
- Type: rear
- Hose Length: 1800 mm
- Colour: black anodized
- Factory Number:: 00.5018.109.001


- 2 x SRAM Code RSC disc brakes, filled and bled (front and rear)
- 2 pair of SRAM brake pads
- 2 x SRAM clamps
- 2 x SRAM pad spacers
- incl. olive + insert pin
- incl. bleed screw
- rotor not incl.
- adapter not incl.


-black anodized / set (front+rear) : 886 g (inkl. Klemmen, 160 mm Bremsscheiben)


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  • black anodized/set (front+rear)

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