Selle Italia SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle

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SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle - carbon/S
SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle - carbon/S
SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle - carbon/S
SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle - carbon/S
SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle - carbon/S
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The SLR Boost Tekno Superflow Saddle by Selle Italia - Handcrafted performance made from carbon

The SLR Boost Tekno Superflow saddle from Selle Italia is hand-crafted, made almost entirely of carbon and is ideal for high-performance on the road bike. It was developed in cooperation with race car manufacturer Dallara, so that high-end technologies from the automotive industry were transferred to the bicycle sector. The carbon and nylon shell is particularly light and very resistant, which means it can withstand even extreme racing situations such as aggressive target sprints. The edges are rounded so that your legs can glide along the sides without getting caught. The rails are made of a carbon mesh, which also makes them particularly robust. In addition, the rail length is 10 mm more than usual. This gives you a wider range of adjustment. The Superflow cut-out in the middle serves to relieve pressure, so that even long race days are no problem for you.


Application: Road
Length: 248 mm
Width: 130 mm, 145 mm
Saddle Rails: 7 x 9 mm (oval)

Technical Information:

Rail Material: Carbon
Shell Material: carbon, nylon


- road bike saddle for best performance in racing situations
- extra light shell made of carbon and nylon
- lightweight carbon rails with 10 mm more length than usual for greater adjustment range
- recess in the middle for pressure relief
- handmade in Italy
- ID Match S3 or L3


Superflow technology drastically reduces any physical discomfort caused by prolonged pressure on the pelvic area and ensures that you always adopt an optimal sitting position with very high level of comfort.

ID Match System
ID Match was formed out of the plan to create a saddle shape that guarantees maximum comfort and maximum performance for every cyclist. It is the first system to allow cyclists to determine the perfect saddle shape using anthropometric and functional tests.
After evaluating this data, the ID Match system recommends a category of saddles from which you can choose the one that suits you best. The letter stands for the seat bone distance (small or large) and the number for the hip rotation (1/low, 2/medium, 3/high).


Width: 130 mm
Manufacturer Number: 041A522WCA001

Width: 145 mm
Manufacturer Number: 041A922WCA001


- 1 x Selle Italia SLR Boost Tekno Superflow saddle


  • carbon/L: 96 g
  • carbon/S: 95 g


  • carbon/L, out of stock
  • carbon/S, out of stock

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