Shimano SM-BB71-41A Hollowtech II Press Fit 41 x 89.5/92 mm Bottom Bracket - black/Pressfit

Shimano SM-BB71-41A Hollowtech II Press Fit 41 x 89.5/92 mm Bottom Bracket

Item number: 43170

The SM-BB71-41A bottom bracket from Shimano - Press Fit for MTB

Shimano SM-BB71-41A is a press fit bottom bracket for MTB use, namely for shell widths measuring from 89 to 92 mm. It is recommended as a press fit variant for Saint and ZEE cranks, but also for older XT 10-speed cranks. Hollowtech II technology with 24 mm axle diameter underscores the special stability of this bottom bracket.


Cross Country, All Mountain, Downhill, Enduro
PressFit BB92
Shell Diameter:
41 mm
Shell Width:
89.5 mm / 92 mm
Axle Diameter:
24 mm (Hollowtech II)

Technical Information:

Bottom Bracket Cup Material:
synthetic resin
Bottom Bracket Centre Tube Material:
synthetic resin


Recommended for:
  • Saint FC-M820
  • XT FC-M780, FC-M782, FC-M785, FC-T780
  • SLX FC-M670, FC-M672, FC-M675, FC-M677
  • ZEE FC-M640
  • Deore FC-M610, FC-M612, FC-M615
  • FC-M622, FC-M625


Hollowtech II
Shimano Hollowtech II is a crank bottom bracket system designed to achieve an ideal ratio of stiffness, weight and rotational efficiency. It is based on an integration of the bottom bracket and the right crank arm and works with a 24 mm axle or bearing diameter, which has proven to be optimal in terms of stability. In many cases, the bearing cups are on the outside so that the load is better distributed. High-quality precision seals ensure a long service life.

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  • 1 x Shimano SM-BB71-41A right bearing cup, with bearings
  • 1 x Shimano SM-BB71-41A left bearing cup, with bearings
  • 1 x Shimano bottom bracket centre sleeve
  • 1 x spacer 2.5 mm

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Customer Reviews (12)


Customer Reviews (12)


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by Duna C. on 22.09.2019
verified purchase
item: black/Pressfit

I'm not a fan of this pressfit type bottom brackets. They are extremely hard to service, without proper tools, and wears out super fast.
THis one seems pretty hard to rotate out of the box, after install the slx cranks does not really turn more than 1 rotation if I spin them without the chain.
At least it's not too expensive, so you can change it every year if necessary, I'm curious if it can survive the winter.

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Response from bike-components on 07.01.2020:

New bearings are often a bit tight, due to the tight tolerances and packed-in grease. After a bit of run-in time, the bearing will spin much freer.

by Igor R. on 11.06.2019
verified purchase
item: black/Pressfit

it's ok

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by bart v. on 05.10.2017
verified purchase
item: black/Pressfit
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Lightweight, cheap and fairly easy to replace, given some park tools, however for MTB these tend to wear out easily especially when driving in muddy or soaking conditions.

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