Shimano XT Di2 Linkglide E-bike Shifter SW-M8150-I I-Spec EV 10-/11-/12-speed - black/right

Shimano XT Di2 Linkglide E-bike Shifter SW-M8150-I I-Spec EV 10-/11-/12-speed

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Shimano XT Di2 shifter SW-M8150-I with I-Spec EV mount - Flexibly adjustable for effortless shifting on your e-bike

The SW-M8150 XT Di2 shifter, shown here in the version for I-Spec EV mounting on a compatible brake lever, has been specially designed by Shimano for e-touring bikes and e-MTBs with electronic 1x10-speed or 1x11-speed shifting, Linkglide drivetrain and Automatic Shift. However, it can also be used on e-mountain bikes with a conventional 1x11-speed or 1x12-speed electronic gears, provided the EP801 or EP6 motor is installed. It cannot be used for bicycles without one of these motors.
The shifter has a total of three buttons. Two of them are designed as rocker switches, the angle of which can be finely adjusted with the help of a 3-mm hex wrench. This way you can adapt the construction to the ergonomics of your hand. By default, you use the rocker switches to move the rear derailleur outwards or inwards and the additional button to change the mode between automatic and manual gear changes. However, all switch settings can be changed via the E-Tube Platform. You also have the option of shifting several gears at once by holding down a button. Thanks to the smooth operation and good accessibility, you shift more effortlessly, more precisely and focus on the path or trail ahead.
SW-M8150 is attached to the clamp of a brake lever with I-Spec EV mount on the right side of MTB handlebars. Thanks to I-Spec EV, you have extended adjustment possibilities in longitudinal and rotational direction, so that the cockpit can be designed even more ergonomically. The connection to the Di2 E-bike System is established via the newer EW-SD300 cable type.

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Deore XT Di2 M8150 (Linkglide)
Touring, City, All Mountain
10-/11-speed, 11-/12-speed
I-Spec EV

Technical Information:

with adjustable levers
Body Material:
Lever Material:


Brake Lever:
I-Spec EV
Power Cable:
EW-SD300 (1 x connection)
Rear Derailleur:
RD-M8150-12, RD-M8150-11, RD-U6070
CS-M9101-12, CS-M9100-12, CS-M8100-12, CS-M7100-12, CS-M6100-12, CS-LG700-11, CS-LG600-11, CS-LG400-11
CN-M9100, CN-M8100, CN-M7100, CN-M6100, CN-HG901-11, CN-HG701-11, CN-HG601-11, CN-LG500
  • EP8 EP801 for MTB 11-/12-speed with Di2 rear derailleur
  • EP8 EP801 for City / Touring 10-/11-speed with Di2 rear derailleur and Automatic Shift
  • EP6 for MTB 11-/12-speed with Di2 rear derailleur
  • EP6 for City / Touing 10-/11-speed with Di2 rear derailleur and Automatic Shift


  • shifters for e-bikes with EP801 or EP6 motor (Shimano Di2 Linkglide Auto Shift or Di2 12-speed MTB)
  • individual adjustment of both rocker switches to adapt to the ergonomics of the hand
  • individual switch assignment and setting of the Multi-Shift mode via E-Tube Project
  • additional button for quick selection of manual or automatic shift mode
  • smooth but immediate shifting feel for precise shifting even in rough terrain
  • extended adjustment possibilities thanks to I-Spec EV for an optimised cockpit
  • direct power supply via Shimano e-bike battery, connection via EW-SD300 cable
  • E-Tube project ensures firmware updates


Digital Integrated Intelligence (Di2)
Di2 systems are the electronic shifting systems from Shimano. They are based on the SEIS, the Shimano Electronic Intelligent System, which takes over the index shifting function from the mechanical components, only via power cables or radio signals and not via a Bowden cable. Shifting is done by simply pressing a button. This has the advantage that no great effort is required, your concentration on the ride is not disturbed and operation is easy even with cold hands. In addition, the electronic gear changes are very fast and highly precise. There is also no risk of a defective circuit due to dirty cables or other problems. You can adjust individual settings via the E-Tube Project, such as adjusting the shifting speed, the number of shifting operations per button press or the Synchro or Semi-Synchro shifting function. Shimano offers an app for this purpose. Gear maintenance and firmware updates are also done via E-Tube, with the bike connected to a PC running the appropriate E-Tube software for more extensive workshop work.

Auto Shift
Auto Shift - or " Automatic Shift" - is a shifting technology for e-bikes with Shimano motors of the EP8 and EP6 series. As the name suggests, it enables automatic gear changes based on continuous analysis of sensor data such as cadence, torque and speed. Based on this, the system selects the appropriate gear for you and you don't have to do anything other than concentrate on the route ahead. For touring and city cycling as well as MTB use, Auto Shift has the advantage of smoother, stress-free and comfortable pedalling. It helps to master the transitions between uphill and downhill, to maintain your flow or to start up again after stopping. If you prefer manual shifting, simply deactivate the shift assist from the handlebars. It is also possible to change gears manually at any time, the so-called " Manual Override" .

I-Spec EV
I-Spec EV describes a variant of the connection between brake lever and shift lever on Shimano MTB derailleurs. This type of mounting allows the shifter to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically in relation to the brake lever, and ensures a tidy cockpit by reducing the number of clamps required. Compared to I-Spec and I-Spec II, I-Spec EV offers a much wider adjustment range. 14 mm adjustment range the longitudinal direction and up to 60° rotation allow an optimal ergonomic adjustment to your riding style, your sitting position and your anatomy.

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  • 1 x Shimano XT Di2 SW-M8150-I I-Spec EV shifter


  • black/right: 77 g
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  • black/right, in stock

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