Shimano XT FC-M785 10-speed Chainring

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Shimano XT FC-M785 10-speed Chainring - silver/26 tooth
Shimano XT FC-M785 10-speed Chainring - black-silver/38 tooth
Shimano XT FC-M785 10-speed Chainring - silver/28 tooth
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The Shimano XT 10-speed chainring for the FC-M785 crankset

Thanks to its SG-X design, the Shimano XT FC-M785 2x10-speed chainring convinces with fast and quiet gear changes and fits perfectly into the HyperDrive overall concept. It has a bolt circle diameter of 104 or 64 mm and is made of aluminium. The Shimano Dyna-Sys technology not only means a 10th gear, but also optimum efficiency.


Application: Cross Country
Mount: 104/64 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm
Teeth: 24 t, 26 t, 28 t, 38 t, 40 t
Gearing: 2x10-speed

Technical Information:

Combinations: 24-38 t, 26-38 t, 28-40 t
Material: aluminium


- XT FC-M785


- large chainring anodised, small chainring plated


Dyna-Sys is not only an extra gear. Dyna-Sys is about closer gear ratios for a smoother shifting performance and improved power transfer. It's about riding optimized gear combinations that improve efficiency and durability. Dyna-Sys technology makes the shifting transitions seamless, enabling riders to deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining traction and momentum.

SG-X chainrings constitute a significant technological advance, as they allow extremely smooth shifting even under extreme load. Special tooth profiles, positioning pins and shifting aids allow the front shifting to go as smoothly and easily as you are accustomed from the rear components. SG-X chainrings ensure smoother, quieter and faster shifting.

Shimano´s front shifting system is based on the HyperDrive concept. The front derailleur, the HG chain and SG-X chainrings work in a coordinated combination to make shifting more reliable, faster and more accurate. Without HyperDrive, problems are quick to appear when shifting on the big chainring, especially when under load. Shimano's HyperDrive system solves those problems. The SG-X chainrings, Wide Link front derailleur and HG chain work together to improve chain control to provide precise and reliable front derailleur shifting that is especially beneficial in severe off-road riding conditions. The chainrings have an exceptionally high torsional stiffness. The tooth profile is specifically shaped to allow the chain to glide in both directions and be picked up smoothly while shifting.


24 tooth:
- Type: AM
- Bolt Circle Diameter: 64 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: Y-1ML24000

26 tooth:
- Type: AK
- Bolt Circle Diameter: 64 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: Y-1ML26000

28 tooth:
- Type: AJ
- Bolt Circle Diameter: 64 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: Y-1ML28000

38 tooth (x24):
- Type: AM
- Bolt Circle Diameter: 104 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: Y-1ML98040

38 tooth:
- Type: AK
- Bolt Circle Diameter: 104 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: Y-1ML98020

40 tooth:
- Type: AJ
- Bolt Circle Diameter: 104 mm
- Manufacturer Part Number: Y-1ML98030

Note to Type Designation:

The type designations (with one or two letters) indicate that the chainrings can be combined with each other. Since the large rings have specially shaped teeth and shifting aids that make it easier for the chain to climb, full shifting performance is only guaranteed with matching small rings - and vice versa. A chainring of type XY should therefore only be ridden with a chainring of type XY. The same applies to all other types.


- 1 x Shimano XT FC-M785 chainring


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  • black-silver/38 tooth
  • black-silver/38 tooth (x24)
  • black-silver/40 tooth
  • silver/24 tooth
  • silver/26 tooth
  • silver/28 tooth

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Customer Reviews (5)


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