Superformula High-End Brake Fluid - universal/0.5 litres

Trickstuff Superformula High-End Brake Fluid

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Virtually never boils: the Superformula Brake Fluid by Trickstuff

Braking like Formula One - hard, safe, reliable. This requires a stiff caliper and excellent brake pads, but also a suitable medium for loss-free power transmission from the lever to the caliper.
Trickstuff has been exclusively commissioned by FERODO, the world's leading manufacturer of brake components for racing cars and racing motorcycles, to distribute the unique " Superformula" brake fluid and to provide technical advice.
Although this brake fluid was originally developed for motor racing, it is particularly suitable for use in bicycles - hardly any other brake system places higher demands on the brake fluid, because bike brake calipers and bike brake rotors are extremely light and therefore have a relatively low heat capacity. This increases the risk of steam bubble formation and spontaneous failure.

Not only marathon riders struggle with the problem of overheated brakes during hard braking manoeuvres on long descents, but above all Alpine crossers with luggage and less experienced riders during the notorious continuous braking manoeuvres. Every bike athlete can benefit from the sensational values of the Trickstuff Superformula:
Superformula is the brake fluid with the highest dry boiling point of all brake fluids: 330 degrees Celsius. No other fluid even comes close to this value (for comparison: mineral oil: 180°C, DOT 4: 230°C, DOT 5.1: 260°C).
Superformula is extremely thin and compression stable (better values than all other fluids). This noticeably reduces the manual force required to reach a certain brake pressure and improves the dosing capability of the brake system (slimmer hysteresis).


FERODO Brake Fluid
brake fluid


  • Boiling point at 330 degrees Celsius
  • maximum compressive strength
  • extremely thin
  • fully compatible with DOT 4 and DOT 5.1

Note: Superformula is compatible with DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 and therefore for all hydraulic brakes that are not operated with mineral oil or with DOT 5. Mineral oil brakes are typically Magura, Shimano, Tektro. Small amounts of residue from previously used brake fluid do not affect the excellent properties of Superformula.

Hazardous Substance:

No marking required.


Federal Mogul Corporation (BE)
Central Distribution Centre
Prins Boudewijnlaan 7
B-2550 Kontich, Belgium


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500 ml
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  • 1 x Trickstuff Superformula brake fluid

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  • universal/0.5 litres, in stock

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Simon T. on 12.12.2018
verified purchase
item: universal/0.5 litres

Ob die Bremsflüssigkeit viel besser ist als die von Avis kann ich nicht sagen der Unterschied ist bestimmt nich so groß aber es wird in einer 0,5 Flasche verkauft die auch wirklich dicht ist und nicht in 0.1 l Döschen die man nicht aufheben kann sobald sie offen sind da der Deckel Luft rein lässt.

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