When it comes to fair clothing for cyclists and sustainability, VAUDE is at the forefront. Ecological commitment, environmentally friendly, pollutant-free production and social responsibility are a matter of course both for their own employees and for the production facilities that supply them. Their high-quality and innovative bicycle clothing captivates with its timeless design and underlines VAUDE's claim to produce durable and sustainable products. The many awards, certifications and seals that they regularly receive speak volumes. It is therefore not surprising that VAUDE is also one of the first companies to be included in the new "Green Button" textile seal. Here you will find a large selection of bicycle clothing, backpacks and bags by VAUDE.

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Newly developed seat pads

Three seat pads for four letters


Seat pad for athletic CROSS rides like MTB, gravel, and cross country.


The X-Pad is especially suited for an athletic seating position, as taken up during mountain biking or gravel biking. Furthermore, its 4-layer construction with a 3D mesh structure absorbs shocks during off-road rides. For even more comfort, the X-Pad is finely perforated, making it highly breathable.


Seat pad for athletic ROAD rides like road cycling.


When hitting the road, we recommend the R-Pad. Its high-density 3-layer construction absorbs pressure in athletic seating positions for a stable feeling during long rides or trips. For even more comfort, the R-Pad is finely perforated, making it highly breathable.


Seat pad for any terrain TRAIL & TRAVEL tours like bike trips.


The T-Pad comes with everything needed for trail and travel - in any terrain. Whether it's a trail ride, a leisurely day trip, or a longer multi-day tour, it doesn't matter. The strength of the T-Pad and its 2-layer construction lies especially in the freedom of movement with a more upright seating position.


Moab PRO Series

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How does PET bottle recycling work for softshells?
Recycling helps you to reduce the consumption of our earth’s valuable resources. Plastics made from petroleum can be recycled and do not have to be thrown away or destroyed in waste incineration plants. The waste of fossil raw materials is minimised, which is an important step towards a more climate-friendly and lower-emission future. This can save energy and reduce the greenhouse effect.

The advantages of VAUDE softshell made from recycled material

  • Efficient weather protection: breathable, wind and water repellent
  • Versatile: functional and elastic
  • Protects the climate: recycled materials significantly reduce CO2 emissions