Vittoria Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" Folding Tyre

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Vittoria Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" Folding Tyre - anthracite/27.5x2.35
Vittoria Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" Folding Tyre - anthracite/27.5x2.35
Vittoria Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" Folding Tyre - anthracite/27.5x2.35
Vittoria Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" Folding Tyre - anthracite/27.5x2.35
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The Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" folding tyre by Vittoria - non-slip and less bulky

The Vittoria Agarro TNT G2.0 27.5" folding tyre, with its progressive sipe width and less voluminous design, allows tactile gripping of stones and roots. The tight centre tread and distinctive lugs grip any surface and give you line consistency.


Application: Downhill, Enduro
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: TNT

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: 4C Graphene 2.0
Carcass: 120 tpi nylon
Sidewall: X Trail TNT


Dimensions: 27.5 x 2.35"
ETRTO: 57-584
Manufacturer Part Number: 11A00197


4 Compound (4C):
4 Compound is exclusively developed by Vittoria to create a tyre without compromise. Vittoria 4C consists of a coating process that combines the 4 different rubber compounds in one tread. Both the tread and the side areas consist of a base and a surface layer each. This makes it possible to place the graphene rubber compound exactly where it is needed, depending on the type of tyre. In addition, durability and puncture protection are improved as the robust base compound resists punctures.

Graphene 2.0:
The fundamental feature of graphene is that it changes the performance of the rubber, reinforcing the innovative characteristics of Vittoria tyres. In version 2.0, the compound depends on the tyre type and its requirements to improve the desired performance. For MTB tyres, this means that Graphene 2.0 improves grip in the wet. So with this rubber compound, you don't have to compromise when speed, grip, durability and wear resistance are required.

TNT - Tube/No-Tube
These tyres do not have a butyl inner layer with additional sidewall protection, but a strong nylon fabric and abrasion resistant rubber compound. The bead is suitable for both standard and tubeless rims. Vittoria TNT (Tube/No-Tube) tyres are up to 100 g lighter than conventional tubeless tyres, despite reinforced sidewalls with massive cut resistance. Ride tubeless on UST rims with Pit Stop or liquid Latex Pit Stop. TNT tyres offer better cornering, roll faster and have fewer punctures, even at lower inflation pressures.

XC Trail TNT Casing:
This casing is designed to make tyres for Cross Country use more durable, more efficient and extra long lasting. At the same time, Vittoria's TNT construction offers ultimate puncture protection on the sidewalls because it has an extra protective layer in the wall of the tyre. The bead is made of aramid, which makes the tyre foldable - it also saves weight. XC Trail TNT Casing is slightly heavier, but much more robust than XC Race TLR Casing.


- 1 x Vittoria Agarro 27.5" folding tyre


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  • anthracite/27.5x2.35

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