Hitch B w/ Stand - black-grey/universal
Item number: 71886

The B Trailer Hitch with stand from Weber: Safe for bicycles hauling trailers

Bicycles with trailers need a solid and stable stand, especially when loading or unloading. The Weber Hitch B was developed for this purpose.
This hitch is the most commonly used rear hitch with integrated stand for bicycles with a wheel size of 26" and 28" . With secure tension strap mounting, it is the first choice for everyday use and touring.
The stable and steplessly adjustable stand has an extra wide base, gibing the bike a secure stand even on loose ground.

This trailer hitch is also available without an integrated stand as the BO trailer hitch .

Are you unsure which Weber hitch is the right one for your bike? The Weber Hitch Finder helps you to make the right choice.


on frame with two stainless steel straps


  • suitable for bicycle trailers for cargo or children transport with or without brakes
  • strap mount fits tube diameters from 12 mm up to 25 mm

If the bike has disc brakes or other attachments near the dropout, check compatibility beforehand. If installation is not possible there due to the design of the frame, Hitch E can be used as an alternative.

Cannot be used with:
  • tube diameters less than 12 mm or more than 25 mm
  • full suspension bikes
  • to large or obstructed frames (connecting stays or brake calliper mounts)
  • bicycles made of carbon or have a carbon rear triangle

Technical Information:

Total Weight of Trailer:
80 kg
Tongue Weight (max.):
6.5 kg
Stand Load Capacity:
25 kg


  • bicycle hitch with integrated stand
  • Weber bayonet lock
  • stand with adjustable height
  • fits many bikes with fixed rear triangle, for both 26" and 28" wheel sizes
  • gentle tensioning strap mount on the frame
  • only high-quality, rust-proof materials
  • lightweight

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x Weber Hitch B with integrated stand
  • 1 x joint piece
  • 3 x stainless steel straps
  • 2 x rubber nipples
  • 1 x composite prism
  • 2 x shim
  • 1 x bolt for seatstay strap
  • 1 x bolt for chainstay strap
  • 1 x protective foil


  • black-grey/universal, out of stock

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