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"Our popular Merino Bike Shirts are back! With a new design and in the usual high quality. Our Merino shirts are breathable bike wear that can also be worn in everyday life. Made of mulesing-free, high-quality merino wool and of course produced in Europe."

Sarah, Purchasing

bc original Merino Bike Shirts

Breathable bike wear made of mulesing-free merino wool

The first edition of our merino shirts enjoyed great popularity and was sold out after a short time. Your feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which is why we decided to continue the Merino collection. That's why there are now four new Merino Bike Shirts - in a new design with well-known bc original quality. Here we have put together some facts and background information about merino wool in general and our shirts in particular. Including brief care instructions, so that you can enjoy your bc original Merino Bike Shirts for a long time.

Merino wool has been enjoying increasing popularity in sports and outdoor clothing for several years now. That is not without reason: If you look at the properties of the natural fibre, you might think that a true wonder fibre grows on these comical little animals. Merino wool is a wonderfully soft, skin-friendly fibre that counteracts body odour, is water and dirt repellent to a certain extent, cools when the outside temperature is warm, but warms on cold days. It is also breathable and can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling clammy or wet.

Guaranteed mulesing-free and from animals raised in a species-appropriate manner.

We make use of all these positive characteristics in our bc original Merino Bike Shirts. Of course, we pay attention to the origin of the wool and work together with the SüdwolleGroup, one of the leading international suppliers of high-quality yarns. Südwolle is a globally active company based near Nuremberg, Germany, which has a clear focus on social responsibility and operates its own merino sheep farm in Australia with species-appropriate animal husbandry and a strict ban on mulesing.

Clever material mix for long life

In order to further improve the excellent properties of this high-quality merino wool, we have chosen a blend with 5% elastane on the body and 5% nylon on the sleeves. Elastane is characterised by extremely high elasticity, which ensures that the fabric retains its shape for a long time, i.e. does not wear out. Nylon, which is also a fibre with high elasticity, is also particularly resistant to abrasion and tear. If you take proper care of your bc original Merino Bike Shirts, you will enjoy them for a long time.

Fit: Bikefit

For our merinos we have again decided to use the tried-and-tested raglan cut. There are no disturbing seams on the shoulders and the sporty cut in combination with the elastic material offers optimal freedom of movement. Both the long sleeve and the short sleeve have a body that is rather long, and it is additionally lengthened on the back so that the shirts also fit well when cycling. The sleeves of the short sleeve are longer than on normal T-shirts - because that's what we like about bike shirts. ;)

The fabric of the back section is woven in a light mesh structure to give the shirts a loose and airy feel and enhance sweat transport during sporting activity. This way the shirt supports your body in regulating its temperature.

Have you worn the shirt until it stands up by itself? What now?

Washing and care tips for your Merino Shirt

One of the properties of merino wool is that it prevents unpleasant body odour as it wicks away your body sweat before the sweat-decomposing bacteria can begin their work. Therefore, you can wear your Merino shirt much longer than others before it needs washing (in the washing machine at 30°C). It is often sufficient to simply hang it out in the fresh air overnight. In the morning, at the latest with the rising air humidity, any unpleasant odour disappears thanks to the self-cleaning properties of the wool. Responsible for this are two different cell types inside the fibre, which swell to different degrees and at different speeds when exposed to moisture, thereby triggering continuous friction and literally "shaking off" the microorganisms.

If your Merino shirt has to go for a spin in the washing machine, you should consider the following:

  • wash inside out at max. 30°C in the wool washing programme
  • use a good wool detergent, no (!) fabric softener
  • never wash it together with garments that have Velcro, zippers or metal buttons - unless you like the used look with holes...
  • don’t put it in the dryer! Dry your shirt lying flat, ideally outside, but in the shade - this way the colours will last longer
  • if you want your shirt to be absolutely crease-free, you can iron it - inside out at the lowest setting. In most cases, however, ironing should not be necessary at all if you have spread the shirt out as wrinkle-free as possible as you laid it out to dry.

We wish you much joy with your bc original Merino Bike Shirt and are looking forward to your feedback!

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