Secula Plus LED Rear Light - StVZO Approved - red-transparent/fender mount

busch+müller Secula Plus LED Rear Light - StVZO Approved

Item number: 36560

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

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rear light (red)
fender, stay mount
Light Source:
1 x LED
Power Source:
dynamo hub, bottle dynamo

Technical Information:

Standing Light:
yes (cannot be switched off)

Approved For:

Street Use in Germany:
yes, for bicycles (according to §67 StVZO)
Check Number:


  • LED dynamo rear light
  • automatic, capacitor-fed standing light
  • minimalist design, hardly any bigger than the integrated reflector
  • much better estimation of distance for the traffic behind you, it is particularly visible
  • patented lens/prism system (LineTec®) creates a ring of light around the entire rear light


Standing Light
This innovation by busch+müller from the nineties has become the safety standard. The additional " plus" indicates that standing lights are integrated into the equipment. Neither batteries nor rechargeable batteries are required for the standing light. This is how it works: As soon as the bike is stationary, an LED standing light is supplied with power by a maintenance-free capacitor. The capacitor charged itself during the journey.

LineTec is a patented light system with a special lens effect. The punctual light from high-power LEDs is fanned out into a wide light strip which illuminates evenly. A rear light with LineTec light band emits a " spatial" light. Therefore other road users can estimate the distance much better and faster.


fender mount
  • fender mount
  • Manufacturer Number: 331ASK

stay mount
  • stay and seatpost mount
  • Manufacturer Number: 331/2ASK


  • 1 x busch+müller Secula Plus rear light
  • incl. mounting material

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.89 / 5.00


  • red-transparent/fender mount, in stock
  • red-transparent/stay mount, in stock

Customer Reviews (15)


Customer Reviews (15)


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by Romano J. on 15.08.2023
verified purchase
item: red-transparent/stay mount

very reliable

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by Adrian C. on 06.12.2018
verified purchase
item: red-transparent/stay mount
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I bought this based on reviews and price. It is my first dynamo light so I have no experience.

The mount is far from ideal. It's like half a mount, in that it only has half the round part to fit around a tube. The mounts from Moon are great- they give a lot of options- mount with different length elastics for different thickness tubes, a slot on the light to fit 2-3 different types of mounts, ..B+M should do that. I did not have a vertical tube to attach to, I had to use a custom horizontal one that gets screwed onto the rack, it's made by a Local shop which actually specialises in electric scooters and ebikes, and had to use zip ties to hold the light on and prevent it from tilting down.

But once that was done, the light has performed flawlessly. The cable has excess length so it will always reach the light. I've had no rain issues, and the few times I've been able to turn around to catch a glimpse of it while riding, it's been bright and glowing red.

So the light works, the cable length is good, but the mount is barely passable. Still, I'll be keeping it on until it dies.

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by Alexandre A. on 28.09.2016
verified purchase
item: red-transparent/stay mount

Light and good quality !

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by kostas d. on 24.02.2014
verified purchase
item: red-transparent/fender mount

Excellent light! Like the style, top performance.

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