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Wear & Tear Sets

"With a wear and tear kit you can get your drivetrain up and running again in no time. In one package you get the suitable combination of chain and cassette."

Thomas, Workshop


"The chain is an essential element of your drivetrain. It is worth keeping an eye on its wear so that you can replace your chain in time. A worn chain wears out the cassette and chainrings faster, which means unnecessary extra costs. Regularly replacing your chain will significantly increase the service life of your drivetrain. Chain wear gauges help you to determine the degree of wear in a matter of seconds."

Thomas, Workshop


"If your cassette is worn out, or if you just want to try a different gear ratio, then a cassette change is necessary."

Thomas, Workshop


"Are you up for a chainring replacement? With the help of our tips, you will have the right tricks up your sleeve in no time at all and mounting a new chainring on your bike go easily."

Thomas, Workshop

Disc Brake Pads

Rim Brake Pads

"When the brake pads are worn, it brakes very badly. Installing new brake pads is quite easy and if you are working on the brake, it is worth taking a general look at the function of your brake."

Thomas, Workshop

Brake Rotors

"Brake rotors also are a wearing part that you have to replace from time to time. In addition, you can vary the braking power of your disc brake by varying the size of the rotors you use. You will find the right rotors for your brake in our shop."

Thomas, Workshop

Cables & Housings

"Often unjustly ignored, cables and housings have an enormous impact on the shifting performance of your bike. With a bit of practice, replacing them is easy and should be done once a year or at least after the winter. You will feel the difference immediately."

Thomas, Workshop

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