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SRAM Red eTap AXS & Force eTap AXS

"Flattop chain, X-Range cassette and Orbit fluid damper. All features of the new RED eTap AXS, now available on the Force eTap AXS groupset as well. Of course everything is still wireless and 12-speed. Is there any reason not to choose the new SRAM eTap AXS?"

Marcel, Purchasing

"So you aren’t sure which range you should choose for your new AXS groupset? No worries, I’ve put together a guide to help you. But don’t hesitate to contact our service team if you have any questions."

Jonas, Purchasing

SRAM X-Range

With the new AXS groupsets, SRAM also introduced new gear ratios, offering more range and smaller gear jumps. Are you not sure which gearing you should choose? No matter, it’s pretty simple with three gearing options for both cranks and cassettes.


  • 50/37 is the largest gearing and replaces the old 53/39.
  • 48/35 is the equivalent of the semi-compact 52/36
  • 46/33 is the compact gearing replacing 50/34


  • 10-26 offers a range of 260 %
  • 10-28 offers a range of 280 %
  • 10-33 offers a range of 330 %

All new 12-speed cassettes have a larger range and have many sprockets that are only one tooth apart ensuring a smooth gradation.

What are the advantages of X-Range?

  1. You have more range than conventional gearing
  2. Smaller gear jumps than conventional gearing
  3. Less front shifting thanks to less size difference between chainrings
  4. Thanks to the large range of the cassette, you can stay on the large chainring for longer

"Only one thing stands in your way, if you want to switch over to AXS, and it’s called XDR. But don’t worry about it, we have the conversion kits to help you out. This way you can still use your wheelset when you switch to AXS."

Björn, Product Management

"Are you looking for new wheels to go with your AXS groupset? Then check out the list of the compatible wheelsets we have to offer. Wheels in, AXS on, it’s time to ride."

Basti, Purchasing

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