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In contrast to conventional mountain biking, which is about endurance and overcoming obstacles, gravity mountain biking is all about speed, bike handling and adrenaline. Instead of going uphill, trails made for gravity mountain biking mostly lead downhill. That is why MTBs designed for descending are needed for gravity riding, such as downhill, freeride or super enduro bikes.  No matter if you are an absolute beginner or an experienced gravity adrenaline junkie, with the right equipment and the right bike you can test the limits of mountain biking and experience the ultimate thrill. 

Bikes & Frames

Gravity bikes are specially designed to offer riders maximum control, stability and performance on steep descents and technically demanding trails. The frames are specially constructed for the rough use in gravity mountain biking and are characterized by their robust design. They can withstand the extreme loads that occur on demanding trails. The geometry of the frames is optimized to allow a stable and controlled riding position even at high speeds and during aggressive manoeuvres. Thanks to their balanced combination of stiffness and flexibility, the frames guarantee efficient power transmission and offer good traction on the trail. 

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The suspension plays a decisive role in gravity mountain biking. It allows you to meet the challenges of steep descents, jumps and demanding trails. Suspension systems consist of a combination of front and rear suspension, which absorb shocks and bumps and give the rider a smooth riding experience. In addition, there are dampers that control the suspension. High-quality dampers can be precisely adjusted to fine-tune the desired level of damping and reaction so you can adapt the suspension to your individual preferences and the demands of the trail. 

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Suspension Forks

Rear Shocks & Dampers

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The world of gravity mountain biking requires special bike components that meet the extreme demands of this challenging sport. From tyres to wheels to brakes to appropriate tyre inserts – each component plays a decisive role to offer you the highest levels of control, performance and reliability on steep descents and technically demanding trails. 

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Tyre Inserts

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The right outfit for gravity mountain biking must not be overlooked, either. The perfect combination of comfort, freedom of movement, durability and protection is very important. A full-face helmet offers comprehensive protection for your head and face. Knee and elbow pads as well as back and chest protectors offer additional safety in case of bad crashes and collisions. For the lower body, there are durable shorts and pants with reinforced areas that prevent injuries. Breathable jerseys ensure that you stay pleasantly cool even on intense descents. With all of this gear, you are ideally equipped to explore the limits of gravity mountain biking and have unforgettable adventures on the trail. 

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Jerseys & Pants