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Kids Bicycle Seat Highlights

The child's seat on the parents' bicycle is very often the first point of contact between a child and a bicycle. Basically, child seats differ in how they are mounted: they can either be attached to the front of the bike in front of the rider or to the rear of the bike behind the rider. Here, you can choose which type you like more.
In Germany there are special requirements for the use of child seats. These are laid down in the DIN EN 14344 standard. The use of kids’ seats is only permitted if the child has a body weight of at least 9 kg. The maximum permitted weight then depends on the way the child seat is mounted. A maximum weight of 15 kg is permitted for a front seat, while the rear seat can be used up to a maximum body weight of 22 kg, depending on the design.
When it comes to the safe use of a child seat, you should also consider a sturdy kickstand. It makes it easier to get in and out. You can also use a kids’ seat with an E-bike with pedal assist of up to 25 km/h without any problems. We only carry models that are approved for use on E-bikes.

"You are not sure which kids bike seat is the right one? Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you and clarify all important questions."

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Child seats for your bike - What advantages do they offer and what is important?

If you want to ride with your child safely and compactly on a bicycle, you should choose a high-quality and above all a suitable child bike seat. Advantages over the bicycle trailer are the possibility of mounting the child seat to the front, which gives your kid an optimal view. Concessions must be made to the influenced steering geometry. However, this is counteracted with suspension. We have a wide range of child bike seats, so you will find the best solution for your bike and your child.

Only a suitable child bike seat guarantees safety

The child bike seat should not only be comfortable for your child, but also offer them the greatest possible safety. For this reason, we offer exclusively high-quality child bike seats from well-known and reputable manufacturers such as ThuleHamaxbobike or Britax Römer on. Here you can be sure that only high quality materials are used and that the child is particularly well protected in their kids bicycle seat . In addition, many of the children's bicycle seats offer various safety features such as straps and sturdy fastenings, so that safety is always the top priority on every ride. With a Britax Römer child seat, for example, your child will enjoy a comfortable and relaxed ride while you can concentrate fully on the road.

Bicycle child seat front or rear? Focus on installation

There are basically two different types of construction and attachment for a child bicycle seat. The child bike seat can be mounted either in front of the rider around the cockpit or behind the rider on a rack. For most children, a front child seat is more comfortable because it allows them to get more out of the ride and enjoy it more. In addition, you have the advantage of being able to talk directly to your child and keep an eye on them while riding. However, the attachment to the head tube significantly changes the steering geometry of the bike, which initially unsettles many riders. So a few practice laps may be necessary before you can ride safely with such a child bike seat. A bicycle child seat on the rack, on the other hand, has little effect on the handling of the bicycle unless the child makes wild movements to make the bicycle swing by itself. Which child bike seat you ultimately prefer is mainly left to your individual preferences.

Bicycle child seats - What do I have to consider?

Finally, we would like to give you a short list of features on the subject of child bike seats that you should consider when buying:

  • It should be easy and yet secure to attach to the bicycle
  • It should give the child sufficient support to side
  • It should ensure that the child is securely fastened with comfortable straps
  • It should prevent the child's foot from coming into contact with the wheel or spokes
  • It should be comfortable and well padded

All these factors play an important role in a bicycle child seat . Here you will find suitable child seats, which fully meet these specifications. If you have any questions while browsing through our assortment, do not hesitate to contact our friendly service team. For all questions about children's bicycle seats or bicycle attachments for children, we are happy to help you by phone or live chat - we look forward to hearing from you!