Good bicycle tools don’t have to be expensive. That’s why we offer tools from 3min19sec. They are of top quality and at a great price. Tools for cleaning, cassette removal, bottom bracket work and much more are included in the 3min19sec assortment. Outfit your tool box with their tools and maintain your bike yourself.

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3min19sec: High quality bicycle parts and tools at fair prices

Good bikes need high-quality and reliable bicycle accessories and bicycle tools. But everyone knows: The budget intended for building the a dream bike is exhausted faster than expected and there is not much left over for essential small parts or bike tools. For this reason, 3min19sec has made it its goal to offer high quality products for cyclists at a fair price! The 3min19sec brand is thus positioned as a smart alternative for everyone. All unnecessary costs such as elaborate packaging or costly marketing are deliberately avoided in order to be able to realise attractive prices without having to make concessions in terms of quality . With the minimalist and therefore very clean design, the bike parts also cut a very good figure on every bike!

Equip your bike workshop with durable tools at low cost

With the experience gained over past years, 3min19sec is constantly expanding its product portfolio. The workshop tools now include bicycle tools such as cassette removers, bottom bracket wrenches and chain whips. But also tools that can be used outside the bicycle workshop such as hex keys, Torx and even torque wrenches are part of the assortment. With the durable tools by 3min19sec you can take every repair or assembly of your bike into your own hands. 

By bikers for bikers - practical & functional bike parts

The bicycle accessories and parts are developed by bikers for bikers. In this process, the 3min19sec brand attaches great importance to ensuring that only products that meet the high standards of ambitious cycling on and off the road are launched. The broad spectrum of bicycle components ranges from bottle holders to seat clamps, as well as saddles to handlebar grips to chain guides. 

In this way, 3min19sec has positioned itself on the market as an underdog for bicycle tools and accessories for a long time. The consistently positive customer feedback and customer satisfaction confirm the quality of the products. If you are looking for high quality bicycle parts at reasonable prices, you are guaranteed to find them at 3min19sec.