ASSOS Mille GTO C2 Bib Shorts - flamme d´or/M

ASSOS Mille GTO C2 Bib Shorts

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The Mille Bib Shorts with GTO C2 chamois by ASSOS offer frictionless comfort and muscle support for those who like to ride long distances on their road bike even on hot days. This is made possible by using elastic materials, reversed seam lines, stabilising construction and the leg panels that taper towards the bottom. The three-layer padding of the bib shorts ensures maximum breathability, absorbs vibrations and fits perfectly.


Mille GTO C2
Special Fabrics:
OSSIDIA, LOSANGA, superFlat X-Frame
Temperature Range:
1/3 (summer)
Product Line:
Mille GT


  • one-piece butterfly panel on the lower back and legs for increased stability
  • RollBar supports act as a stabiliser when shifting weight in curves
  • leg panels in louvreTec design become taper towards the bottom on the outside of both thighs for individual, compressive support
  • zeroWaist fabric edges without additional hems, tape sealed for smooth transition between body and pant legs, more comfort, less pressure feeling
  • skinGrip finish edge open edged and with minimal silicone coating to secure shorts without excessive pressure
  • recommended for extended tours
  • standard leg length (3 cm longer version also available)


76% polyamide, 20% elastane, 4% polyester


Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design is the know-how, experience and philosophy with which ASSOS works out and designs the fit of the products in such a way that it harmonises perfectly with the sitting position on the bike. ASSOS clothing is designed to adapt perfectly to and merge with the body on the bike. High-tech materials are basically useless unless they are perfectly cut and processed.

The ASSOS collection is a sophisticated and technically advanced clothing system in which all products are coordinated and designed to complement and work together perfectly in every season. The ASSOS Layering System (ALS) divides the year into 3 different temperature ranges - from summer to spring/autumn to winter (Outfit Climarange). The goal of ALS is to keep your body warm and dry in all climatic conditions. The advantage of the ASSOS collection lies in its versatility; the products can be intelligently stacked and combined in layers.

OSSIDIA is the main textile of these bib shorts and provides an ideal balance between frictionless comfort and compression. It is made of ultra-thin stretch fibres which emphasize breathability, and gently wrap the lower back and thighs while supporting muscles.

LOSANGA is a textile developed by ASSOS that is used on the front of these bib shorts to eliminate pressure on sensitive areas.

superFlat X-Frame
superFlat X-Frame is a single section of elastic material that folds over to form a supportive x-shaped frame and gives limited vertical stretch at the back.

Mille GTO C2 Chamois
This chamois features the tried and tested ASSOS goldenGate seamless side panels and inverted seams throughout, which prevents friction. The front section features the sunDeck superlight, the successor to the kukuPenthouse, a pre-shaped shell made of ultra-soft, foam-free textile that provides both support and maximum breathability for male anatomy. The Mille GTO C2 consists of three separate layers, the so-called twin21 system:
microShock: An 11 mm thick, lightweight foam, which has a shock-absorbing effect, forms the basis.
filterFoam: A 10 mm thick matrix foam of lower density is used as an intermediate layer. It absorbs micro-vibrations and wicks away moisture thanks to its open-cell structure.
3D waffle: A patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and has no excess weight forms the outer layer.

Size Guide:

ASSOS products are manufactured specifically for cycling. The cut of the products is anatomically shaped according to the ASSOS cut design philosophy AEPD. This means that ASSOS products perfectly surround and protect the body without constricting it when riding. ASSOS products are not very comfortable in the upright position - they stretch - and this is completely normal. So go into a bent posture like on a bike and feel how it " clicks" and the clothes now fit perfectly. ASSOS technical products are made for real cycling and not for leisure activities.
If you're built more than slim or if you like your fit looser, go up a size.

Our size guide will help you choose the correct size.
Manufacturer Designation: XLG

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black series:
flamme d'or:


  • 1 x ASSOS Mille GTO C2 bib shorts

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  • Online since 1998
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