Twist Five HR QV Sports Glasses - black matte/Quattro/Varioflex rainbow mirror

Alpina Twist Five HR QV Sports Glasses

Item number: 85433

Technical Information:

half frame
Frame Width:
139 mm


  • Quattroflex lens technology enhances contrast and filters reflections
  • Varioflex lens tint adapts to ambient light conditions
  • hydrophobic particle structure on the lens exterior prevents dirt and water deposits from forming
  • Fogstop coating on the inside of the lens prevents fogging
  • de-centred lenses for clear and undistorted vision
  • mirrored lens offer protection against infrared rays and glare
  • 100% UV protection
  • adjustable temples and nose pads


2-Comp Design
The combination of hard frame, soft rubberized temple ends and nose pads increases the wearing comfort and improves the fit of the glasses.

Optimized Airflow
A strongly curved eyeglass lens in combination with an indirect air flow guide ensures draught-free and fog-free vision even in fast outdoor sports.

Optical Glazing
Sports glasses frames with the option of direct glazing with corrective lenses, which the optician individually adjusts to the wearer. This allows a perfect view - in sport and in everyday life. With direct glazing, the optically corrected lenses are embedded directly into the frame. The glazing range is from approx. -4.0 dpt to +4.0 dpt. For individual arrangements contact your optician.

Quattro Varioflex
The polarized filter in the Quattroflex lenses, developed together with athletes and adapted to different needs, offers maximum function. Reflections and glare are effectively eliminated and contrasts are clearly emphasized. Neither heat nor cold interferes with this function, which is why the lenses are ideal for all conditions and sports. Quattroflex lenses are brighter than regular polarized lenses, which makes them ideal for combining with Varioflex. The Quattro effect thus functions optimally even in bad weather and diffuse lighting conditions. The Quattroflex lens is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications.

The polarising filter in the Quattroflex lenses offers maximum function. Reflections and glare are effectively eliminated and contrasts are clearly emphasised. Quattroflex lenses are brighter than regular polarised lenses and are suitable for a wide range of uses.

Varioflex is a lens technology that automatically adjusts the tint of the lens to suit outside weather. The self-tinting (photochromic) lens reacts to visible light. When irradiated, chemical elements open up and create a flat, darkening effect. If the light intensity decreases, the chemical elements close and the lens becomes brighter again. This process happens in a matter of seconds. The result: a lens for a wide range of light conditions.

Mirror is a lens on which several layers of reflective coating are applied. They protect against extreme glare and infrared light. Mirror is not only a feature of a highly functional lens, but also a style element.

Fogstop is a coating on the inside of the lenses. The coating is not smooth, but rough - even " fissured" on a microscopic level. This means that the droplets have no possibility of forming a closed layer, i.e. fogging up and thus obscuring the view. This would only happen if the moisture manages to fill the fissures with water. Before this happens, however, the deposited moisture has long since condensed and visibility remains clear.

Hydrophobic Lens
Hydrophobic is a moisture-repellent nanostructure on the lens that allows water to roll off. This also removes dirt. The lens is not only clean, but also dries faster.


Quattro/Varioflex rainbow mirror:
Frame Colour:
red mirrored
Filter Category:
CAT 1 - 3
16 - 44%
Other protective features:
100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection
Quattro Varioflex, Quattroflex, Varioflex, Hydrophobic Lens, Fogstop, Mirror
Manufacturer Numbers:
A8590531 (black matt), A8590521 (cool grey matt)

Safety Information:

Not intended for direct viewing of the sun.


  • 1 x Alpina Twist Five HR QV glasses
  • 1 x Alpina glasses case
  • 1 x Alpina microfibre cloth

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  • black matte/Quattro/Varioflex rainbow mirror, in stock
  • cool grey matte/Quattro/Varioflex rainbow mirror, in stock

Customer Reviews (3)


Customer Reviews (3)


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by Alexandru C. on 29.06.2022
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Glasses do an excellent job of tinting depending on UV level.
They also do a great job of shacking off water.
They do have a slight tendency to fog, but clear quickly

The big downside however and the reason for which I'm rating them at 4 stars is that the rubber tips are fragile and broke off after a year of use. I don't understand who thought it's a good Idea make those cut-outs in them.

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