Cane Creek 40-Series IS42/28.6 - IS52/40 Tapered Headset - black/IS42/28.6 - IS52/40

Cane Creek 40-Series IS42/28.6 - IS52/40 Tapered Headset

Item number: 61936
Designed for 1 1/8" upper head tube diameters combined with standard 1 1/8" forks and 1.5" lower head tube diameters combined with 1.5" forks.


Top Bearing:
1 1/8"
Bottom Bearing:
Steerer Tube:
1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered
integrated (IS)

Technical Information:

aluminium (6061-T6)
stainless steel, sealed
Bearing Seat:
45° x 36°
Top Stack Height:
9 mm
Bottom Stack Height:
1 mm
Top Outer Diameter:
42 mm
Top Inner Diameter:
28.6 mm
Bottom Outer Diameter:
52 mm
Bottom Inner Diameter:
40 mm


  • value set
  • made of aluminium
  • internally machined for minimum weight
  • clip seal completely seals the upper components and accommodates the compression ring (reduces number of loose individual parts)
  • lower High-Quality-Low-Friction seal
  • durable bearing cones
  • reliable, sealed cartridge bearings

Standardized Headset Identification System (S.H.I.S.):

In order to clarify and bring uniformity to a sea of headset standards, manufacturers Acros, Cane Creek, Hope, Race Face, Reset Racing and Ritchey have agreed upon using a shared nomenclature, which will likely include more participating companies in the future. This system takes into account a combination of frame and fork dimensions. Both the top and bottom parts of the headset are marked by two alphanumeric identifiers. The first identifier indicates the type of headset (External Cup, Zero Stack, Integrated) and head tube diameter. The second identifier - separated from the first by a backslash - indicates the diameter of the steerer tube. When referring to a complete headset, the specifications of both top and bottom parts must be combined.


Bearings contained within headset cups that are located outside of the frame (External Cup)
Bearings contained within pressed-in headset cups where the cup and bearings rest inside the frame (Zero Stack)
Bearings that fit directly into a bonded or machined interface that is integrated into the frame (Integrated)
tpi threads per inch


  • Design: integrated (IS)
  • Application: top
  • Steerer Tube: 28.6 mm
  • Head Tube (Frame Inner Diameter): 42 mm

  • Design: integrated (IS)
  • Application: bottom
  • Steerer Tube Crown Race: 40 mm
  • Head Tube (Frame Inner Diameter): 52 mm

Manufacturer Number:



  • 1 x Cane Creek top dust cap
  • 1 x Cane Creek compression ring
  • 1 x Cane Creek crown race
  • 1 x Cane Creek top cap
  • 1 x Cane Creek star nut
  • 1 x Cane Creek hex bolt
  • incl. incl. stainless steel bearings

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.87 / 5.00


  • black/IS42/28.6 - IS52/40, in stock

Customer Reviews (6)


Customer Reviews (6)


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by Patrik G. on 13.02.2022
verified purchase
item: black/IS42/28.6 - IS52/40

I used these bearings to replace the original ones on my Specialized Enduro 2018, finally got rid of creaking. These bearings have been super reliable so far. Do note that you may need additional shim spacers between upper bearing and its cover based on how deep your frame bore is.

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by Denis S. on 28.09.2019 (modified on 30.09.2019)
verified purchase
item: black/IS42/28.6 - IS52/40
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Во-первых, у купленной рулевой колонки подшипники отличаются как цветом стали, так и цветом пыльника. Здесь подшипники похожи на "Hope IS52/40"
Во-вторых, имейте в виду, что в этой модели нижний подшипник ставится не на компрессионное кольцо. Кольцо цельное и его нужно забивать на шток вилки специальным набором инструментов или, как это сделал я, подручными средствами.

Не могу понять в чем дело, но получается так, что:
или рулевая свободно вращается, но шток вилки люфтит в верхнем подшипнике;
или же, затягивая больше болт топ кепа, рулевая колонка перестает люфтить, но и поворачивается с трудом.
По всей видимости компрессионное кольцо не расклинивает достаточно шток в подшипнике! При этом рулевая должна полностью подходить под Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie 2016 (об этом говорит и официальный сайт Cane Creek)

За эту стоимость я хотел бы приобретать продукт, с которым не буду иметь проблем...

Firstly, bearings of a purchased headset differ in both the color of steel and the color of the duster. Here the bearings are similar to "Hope IS52/40"
Secondly, keep in mind that in this model the lower bearing is not placed on the compression ring. The ring is integral and needs to be hammered onto the fork stock with a special set of tools or, as I did, with improvised means.

I can’t understand what’s the matter, but it turns out that:
- or the headset rotates freely, but fork stock is backlash in the upper bearing
- or, tightening the top cap bolt more, fork stock ceases to backlash, but does not turn freely.
At the same time, the headset should fully fit the Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 6Fattie 2016 (the official website of Cane Creek also speaks about this)

For this price I would like to purchase a product with which I will not have problems...

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