CeramicSpeed OSPW X Derailleur Pulley System for SRAM Eagle Transmission - silver/universal

CeramicSpeed OSPW X Derailleur Pulley System for SRAM Eagle Transmission

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CeramicSpeed OSPW X derailleur pulleys for SRAM Eagle Transmission - be fast now and in the future

The CeramicSpeed OSPW X derailleur pulley system for XX SL, XX, X0 and GX Eagle Transmission makes the celebrated SRAM 12-speed groupsets even better, optimises their performance and extends their service life. It consists of a 14-tooth upper pulley, a 20-tooth lower pulley and a polyamide cage. The ceramic bearings have been specially designed for off-road use and feature an innovative dust cap design called ADR, which virtually eliminates the ingress of dirt. Added to this is the so-called ALPHA Disc design of the tension pulley with a solid aluminium disc, which improves rigidity and prevents foreign objects from getting stuck. Both technologies, ADR and ALPHA Disc, are part of the Further Drive concept, with which CeramicSpeed gets even more out of the SRAM Eagle Transmission rear derailleurs. So you are not only fast, but permanently fast and successful.

For hazard warnings, safety and application information, please see CeramicSpeed Oil for Derailleur Pulleys.


Enduro, All Mountain, Cross Country
Cassette Teeth (max.):
SRAM XX SL Eagle Transmission / XX Eagle Transmission / X0 Eagle Transmission / GX Eagle Transmission

Technical Information:

Derailleur Pulleys:
14 tooth (upper derailleur pulley), 20 tooth (lower derailleur pulley)
Outer Cage Material:
Inner Cage Material:
Other Materials:
aluminium, composite


  • oversize derailleur pulley system with ceramic bearings for SRAM Eagle Transmission
  • Further Drive technology to improve and extend performance in gravity and XC use
  • designed for difficult, gruelling conditions such as wet, dirt and mud
  • high-performance bearings with very hard, above-average supple and resilient ceramic balls made of grade-3 silicon nitride (best achievable grade for ceramic bearings)
  • ADR design of the dust caps for outstanding dirt repellence
  • Alpha Disc tension pulley for greater rigidity, durability, safety and reduced noise levels
  • compatible with 10-52 12-speed cassettes
  • chain length does not need to be adjusted
  • handmade in Denmark


Ceramic Bearings by CeramicSpeed
CeramicSpeed ceramic balls are rounder, harder, smoother, lighter and more resilient than steel balls and ceramic balls from other manufacturers. CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings therefore last 3 to 5 times longer than other bearings on the market. All CeramicSpeed bearings are handmade in Denmark under clean room conditions and subjected to a strict four-stage inspection process. Among other things, the size of the ceramic balls is checked down to the thousandth of a millimetre. Tests are then carried out in the laboratory or preferably by professionals in training and competition. CeramicSpeed bearings guarantee the lowest possible friction, optimised power transfer and maximum durability and also help you save watts and reach the finish line faster. It's not about seconds, it's about minutes!

The Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW system) is a breakthrough innovation from CeramicSpeed, developed in collaboration with world-class triathletes. This unique system is known for 40 - 60% less friction compared to standard derailleur pulleys and allows power savings of at least 1.6 and up to 2.4 watts. The OSPW system features the unique CeramicSpeed bearings, aluminium derailleur pulleys and a polyamide-carbon cage, making it 3 to 5 times more durable than standard systems on the market.

X Offroad
Dirt, rain, mud and gravel are the most important components of a true off-road adventure. But these conditions put a lot of strain on your components and force you to change the bottom bracket, hub bearings and derailleur pulleys frequently. CeramicSpeed off-road bearings extend the life of the bike's most stressed parts and reduce friction. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, they allow you to go longer, harder and faster. With their stainless steel races, they are corrosion resistant and offer exceptional performance.

Further Drive
CeramicSpeed derailleur pulley systems with Further Drive technology are designed to make your drivetrain more durable and less sensitive to wear so that it works efficiently over a long period of time. This means you can still fully rely on it at the end of the race or late in the season. Further Drive includes a completely revised cage structure of the OSPW system with greater material thickness, but without unnecessary weight. ADR and ALPHA Disc are also central components of the Further Drive concept.

Active Debris Remover (ADR)
ADR refers to an innovative dust cap design that almost completely prevents dirt from entering the bearings. The dust cap is firmly anchored in a groove in the derailleur pulley and completely seals the bearing. There is also a wing-like groove structure around the dust cap, which actively removes dirt when the pulley turns. ADR is the result of a co-operation between CeramicSpeed's development department and test laboratory and selected professional off-road teams. The technology was already used at Cape Epic, where it proved its worth in the battle against mud, water and dirt.

ALPHA Disc is a two-part construction that affects the lower pulley, the tension pulley. The teeth have a Narrow-Wide profile for better chain retention and are made of a highly wear-resistant, noise-reducing composite material. They sit on a solid aluminium disc, which prevents foreign objects such as branches from getting caught. At the same time, the disc increases the strength and rigidity of the derailleur pulley. The first ALPHA discs were tested at the Cyclocross World Cup. The technology was then used regularly by the Tormans CX Team sponsored by CeramicSpeed and was able to impress in the most difficult conditions.

Note from the manufacturer:

Before transporting the bicycle in a travel bag, the rear derailleur should be completely disassembled, otherwise the OSPW system could be damaged.

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  • 1 x CeramicSpeed OSPW X derailleur pulley system for SRAM Eagle Transmission
  • 1 x CeramicSpeed oil, 15 ml dropper bottle

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