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Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II Folding Tyre + OEM Tube Set

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The benchmark: Grand Prix 4000 S II folding tyres and Race 28 tubes by Continental

The Grand Prix 4000 S II is the market benchmark when it comes to tyres and it uses many evolutionary technologies. Now Continental‘s flagship tyre has a new face. The discreet striping makes it possible to match the tyre color to the bike, without having to compromise on the BlackChili compound contact area. Furthermore, the size assortment has be broadened: an added 28 mm version offers better grip, puncture protection and comfort in bad conditions. The proven cornerstones of the 4000 S II remain unchanged: Vectran™Breaker and BlackChili compound ensure minimal rolling resistance and sensational grip.


Application: Road
Product Line: Premium
Ground Conditions: street
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: BlackChili
Carcass: 330 tpi, 3 layer
Puncture Protection: Vectran™ Breaker

Model Index:

Tyre 23-622 (700x23c)
Dimension: 700 x 23c
ETRTO: 23-622
Air Pressure: 7.5 - 8.5 bar
Factory Number: 0100937

Tyre 25-622 (700x25c)
Dimension: 700 x 25c
ETRTO: 25-622
Air Pressure: 6.5 - 8.5 bar
Factory Number: 0100945

Tube Presta 42 mm
ETRTO: 20-622 to 25-630
Tyre Dimensions: 700 x 20c to 700 x 25c
Valve: Presta
Valve Length: 42 mm

Tube Presta 60 mm
ETRTO: 20-622 to 25-630
Tyre Dimensions: 700 x 20c to 700 x 25c
Valve: Presta
Valve: 60 mm

GP 4000 S II Technology:

Continental Premium tyres are made or the highest performance. They use the latest technologies developed with the world’s most successful athletes. The tyres are also handmade by experienced specialists in Korbach, Germany. Only the best materials is used for the highest quality and exceptional properties.

BlackChili Compound
The running properties of the rubber compound of a tyre are largely determined by three interacting factors: static friction [grip], rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma is that you improve one of these factors, and in turn, worsen at least one other factor. Black Chili Compound, the revolutionary compound from Continental, is based on the latest findings on polymer and other raw material research. For BlackChili, Continental redefined newly developed synthetic rubbers with natural rubber with the proven high performance tread compound. These rubbers are used with special nanometric carbon soot particles, which are optimized in shape and surface properties for best uses for the intended tyre. BlackChili Compound reaches an unprecedented level of performance. Compared to the previous best Activated Silica Compound, BlackChili tyres have 26 % less rolling resistance, a 30 % higher friction value [grip] and a 5 % increase in mileage. Whether on the road or mountain bike, speed and grip advantages are very noticeable. The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tyres with BlackChili Compound can only be produced exclusively in our German Korbach factory.

Vectran™ Breaker
Vectran™ is a synthetically manufactured high-tech fiber from a natural model. Like spider silk, Vectran™ is a liquid-crystalline polymer [LCP]. Vectran™ is spun from the melted liquid polymer Vectra and processed further to a multi-strand thread. Spider silk like
Vectran™ has an enormous tear resistance at a very low weight.
How Vectran™ is used highlights its resistance: for astronauts, spinnaker sails, deep-sea cables, and cut resistant clothing. Vectran™ can be found everywhere where extreme durability is needed. Vectran™ threads have a tensile strength five times higher than steel and are fatigue resistant making them very resilient. Exactly the right properties to process into a premium Continental bicycle tyre as a puncture protection insert. A Vectran™ Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than the comparable nylon breaker. Vectran™ Breaker does not adversely affect the rolling resistance.


- 2 x Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II folding tyres
- 2 x Continental Race 28 tubes, OEM packaging

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 on 12.12.2018

Одна из самых лучших катящих покрышек в мире. Держак в непогоду так же отличный.

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  • black/23-622 (700 x 23c) Presta 42 mm 58.78€
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  • black/25-622 (700 x 25c) Presta 42 mm 58.78€
  • black/25-622 (700 x 25c) Presta 60 mm 58.78€

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