DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model

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black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
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DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC Road Wheelset - 2017 Model - black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano
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The pinnacle of aluminium road wheels. The ceramic OXIC surface coating brings brake performance to rim brakes like it has never be seen before. The rims are wide, asymmetric, and lightweight, making for an outstanding stiffness to weight ratio. If set up tubeless, supreme comfort and grip are added to the athletic character. Finally, at just 1435 g, this wheelset is both extremely practical and competitive, very much in tune with its stealthy appearance.


Application: Road
Wheel Size: 28"
Tyre Type: clincher
Number of Spokes: 20 (front) / 24 (rear)
Brake Type: rim
Tubeless System: Tubeless Ready

Freehub Compatibility:

Shimano freehub body: 8-/9-/10-/11-speed Shimano/SRAM (Road) - 9-, 10-, 11-speed Campagnolo freehub body sold separately
Note: Assembly of 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on Shimano freehub bodies requires a 1.85 mm spacer.

Technical Information - Rim:

Dimensions (ETRTO): 18-622
Inner Width: 18 mm
Outer Width: 21.5 mm
Depth: 21 mm
Valve Hole Diameter: SV (6.5 mm)
Material: aluminium

Technical Information - Front Hub:

Type: 240s
Over Locknut Dimension: 9 x 100 mm, quick release
Body Material: aluminium

Technical Information - Rear Hub:

Type: 240s
Over Locknut Dimension: 10 x 130 mm, quick release
Body Material: aluminium
Freehub Body: DT Swiss Ratchet System® / 36T

Technical Information - Lacing:

Front Lacing Pattern: radial
Rear Lacing Pattern: 1 x cross
Spoke Type / Design: DT Aero Comp / straight pull
Spoke Material: Stahl
Nipple Type: DT Pro Lock
Nipple Material: aluminium

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 120 kg system weight (rider + bicycle + gear)
Air Pressure (max.): see manufacturer
Recommended Tyre Width: see manufacturer


The centre piece of these spokes is bladed to achieve aerodynamic properties. It is possible to combine butted with bladed to meet even higher demands on strength and low weight.

The DICUT® wheel line up is a perfect blend of aerodynamics, technology and design. Their aggressive optics push the rider on the climbs. DICUT® hubs with their fine tuned flange geometry and straight pull spokes provide the stiffness needed. High modulus braking surfaces bonded with a heat resistant resin easily handle all descents. Dedicated carbon layers improve heat dissipation from the braking surface into the whole rim. Finally, on the last miles to the finish line, the aerodynamically refined rim profile and eleven speed compatibility help to cut through the wind with just the right gear and minimal drag.

Double Butted:
These spokes have two different diameters. A section of these spokes are butted through cold forging. This creates a smaller diameter. Therefore, this thinner piece allows for a reduction in weight while improving ductility.

Pro Lock:
A patented liquid injected into the nipple thread allows for extremely durable wheel builds.

Ratchet System:
This patented freewheel system uses precision ratchets, featuring extremely high load capacity and reliability. The no tool concept allows for an easy execution of routine maintenance.

Patented wheel mounting system. Stiffer, safer and more user friendly than conventional quick releases. 100% disc brake compatible.

Straight Pull:
To achieve an ideal ratio of weight and stability, many DT Swiss wheels have straight pull spokes. Straight pull spokes do not need to ben in the spoke and therefore, they eliminate a weak spot. Despite this, they be adjusted and replaced using standard tools.

Tubeless Ready:
Tubeless tyres have a number of advantages over the conventional combination of tube and tyre: Without risking snakebites, the tyre can be run with lower pressures providing better grip. The lower pressure also results in a more comfortable ride. Eliminating the tube means there is no friction between tube and tyre and therefore less rolling resistance when the tyre rolls over the ground and obstacles. If tubeless milk is used, the tyre can self seal stings and small cuts. A big advantage for all those who like to ride for long and far away from the next bike shop.

The welding process creates the most precise, lightweight and strong rim connection possible. After welding, the seam is smoothed to guarantee a perfect tyre fit.

Factory Numbers:

WPR1400AAQXS014087 + WPR1400HRQJS014088


- 1 x DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT® OXiC wheelset (front and rear)
- 2 pairs of DT Swiss OXiC brake pads
- 2 x milKit tubeless valves
- 1 x DT Swiss refill kit
- incl. DT Swiss rim tape (mounted)
- incl spacer for 10-speed
- incl. quick releases


-black / 28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano : 1450 g (Satz)


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  • black/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) clincher Shimano

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Customer Reviews (8)


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by Han W.  on 19.02.2019
verified purchase
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Purchased in Sep-2017, accumulated about 17,000 km on this wheelset, used for both training and racing.
I liked it very much at the beginning but it has some issues annoyed me so much that I decided to not using this wheelset anymore recently.

What's good with this wheelset
1. Good stealth looking
2. Great braking performance dry and wet when new (will get to this later)
3. Light
4. Great hub
5. Great build quality, the rear wheel stayed true since begining to now. The front become out of true when a tree branch went into the wheel and knocked one spoke loose, after tighten that spoke, the front remained true until now.

Things made me not like this wheelset anymore:
1. Although tubeless ready, the rim is not working very well with tubeless tires compared to my other TLR wheelsets. I didn't encounter any issue when setting up with new tubeless tire. But when I need to add sealant, it became a big headache. The tire won't stay seated once you let all air out (which is not the case for all my other TLR wheels), when I tried to re-seat the tire, it just won't. I tired reservoir tank, CO2 catridge, and air compresser at gas station, all failed. In the end I went to a car workshop and used their high pressure N2 to seat the tire. I think maybe it is why the wheelset comes with the milkit tubeless valve, so you don't need to release all pressure when adding sealant. But the milkit tubeless valve also has its own issue. The sealing at valve hole is not as good as DT's own tubeless valve; and with long term usage, the valve will become clogged with dried sealant and make it difficult to inflat the tire.

2. Wet braking was fantastic when they are new. But with usage, as the brake surface becomes more and more polished, the wet braking power becomes lesser and lesser. Now, this wheelset feels just like my old campy Bora Ultra 2 carbon wheel in terms of wet braking power, which is almost pethatic.

3. The rear wheel Oxic coating started to peel off. I use front brake much more than the rear but maybe due to the rear wheel getting more dirt from road, the rear wheel brake surface coating is peeled badly while the front is still intact.

4. The rim width is not wide. With 21mm outer and 18mm inner, it is considered wide in 2017. But now is 2019 and when I started to use the 27mm wide ENVE SES wheels as my racing wheels, the 21mm outer width is just too narrow to serve as a training wheelset.

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by Kimio T.  on 24.04.2018
verified purchase

Pros Good stealth looking,Stiffness but not too hard,Easy maintenance hub,
High quality quick,Including tubeless kit
Cons A little expensive compare to nomal rim model

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