Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer - white-silver/universal

Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer

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The Qubo Fluid Trainer by Elite - Simulates Riding on the Road

The Qubo Fluid Trainer by Elite boasts enormous stability due to its tough steel and plastic frame. It covers wheels from 20 to 29" . A large flywheel, completely immersed in oil, allows high resistance levels to be achieved even at low speeds. With the Crono system, riding on the road is realistically simulated. The noise development is also extremely low. This is ensured by the Elastogel roller with a larger diameter of 45 mm. It reduces the speed and thus also the noise generated. In addition, wear on the roller and tyre is reduced, increasing the life of both by more than 50%.


fixed trainer
Resistance Adjustment:
Brake Power (max.):
540 watts at 40 km/h
Simulated Slope (max.):

Technical Information:

Resistance Unit:
fluid (not adjustable)
Resistance Levels:
Fly Wheel:
1.7 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H):
590 x 560 x 415 mm


Wheel Size:
20" , 24" , 26" , 27.5" , 28" , 29"
Axle Type:
quick release, 10/12 mm thru-axle optional with thru-axle adapter kit for trainers
Clamp Width:
130 mm - 150 mm


  • included software: Elite My E-Training (Elite My E-Training Mobile App free for 1 month)
  • unit 100% stronger than standard fluid
  • Qubo frame made of hardened steel and high-tech plastic
  • the Misuro B+ sensor is required to use training software with the Qubo Fluid trainer
  • quick initial setup: The unit is automatically brought into contact with the bike
  • the frame simulates the bicycle's performance on the road (weight/power) thanks to the exclusive circle system
  • maximum noise reduction and uniform round pedal rotation
  • Fast-Fixing fastening system: the bicycle can be fastened and released in a single quick operation
  • Elastogel roller with 45 mm larger diameter
  • the trainer can be easily folded to a small size for easy transport or storage when not in use


Elite App My E-Training:
The app My E-Training available for smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android offers the possibility of an interactive, inspiring and stimulating training. It is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors.
My E-Training displays and manages data on power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance. You can train with Elite's RealVideos and download hundreds of My RealVideos created by Real users for free.
My E-Training includes: My RealVideo, Base Training, Conconi-Test, Training-Test, Trips by map, multi-user system, simplified creation of training programs, video playlist and share results.
It is recommended to use the trainer with the Elite App My E-Training designed for smartphones and tablets, but you can also use it with other apps compatible with Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ protocols.

Crono System:
The exclusive system, conceived and launched in 2005 and constantly improved by Elite over the years, allows a lifelike simulation of the bike's road performance, where the weight and performance of the cyclist have the greatest impact on pedalling. The weight of the cyclist is transferred directly to the trainer, just like on the road, and affects the power output generated at the same speed; for example, a cyclist with a weight of 90 kg produces a different power output at 30 km/h than a 60 kg cyclist. It is not the trainer unit that is adjusted on the tyre, but the tyre that adjusts to it in the optimum position.

Thanks to the specific properties of the material, the Elastogel roller allows the tyre to adhere better, minimising friction losses and improving performance. The Elastogel reduces noise and prolongs the life of the product due to the higher resistance of the material.
Elastogel is a specially cast polyurethane elastomer and is the result of long research and functional tests that have enabled the optimisation of its elastic properties and mechanical resistance: Its resistance to wear and abrasion is exceptional, while permanent deformation is minimal even under the most severe loads. It retains these properties at temperatures from -30° to +80° C. Polyurethane is obtained by the controlled polymerisation reaction of a polyol and an isocyanate at certain temperatures and times.

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  • 1 x Elite Qubo Fluid Trainer


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Customer Reviews (3)


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by Dimitris G. on 10.01.2018
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item: white-silver/universal

The trainer is very good, quite enough when you train and very easy to transfer in the home.

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