Gates Universal Transmissions Spring Tension Tester

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Gauge " Spring Tension Tester" for measuring tension in every position of any Gates Carbon Drive Belt. Proper belt tension is essential for optimum operation of the Gates Carbon Drive System.
Lack of belt tension can lead to tooth jump or “skipping”, when the teeth of the belt slide
over the teeth of the rear sprocket. Too much tension can damage the bearings within the
rear hub, can cause the system to drag, and can increase the wear of your drive system.
Tensioning procedures vary depending on the bike. Common types of tensioning systems
include sliding or pivoting dropouts and eccentric bottom brackets.

The Spring Tension Tester consists of a ruler, a pointer and a finger. Place the ruler on the belt above both sprockets. This changes the position of the finger and moves the pointer on the scale. The finger is pretensioned by a spring. The resulting deflection of the belt is a measure for the existing belt tension. Now you can read the current belt tension using the pointer. The Spring Tension Tester allows you to measure the belt tension in the load and return strand.
The color code (green, yellow or red) indicates the belt tension. Red: Belt tension is too low. Yellow: Belt tension is too high. Green: Belt tension is in an optimum range.
Before each measurement the pointer has to be pushed back to its starting position.
Correct alignment of the belt has to be maintained as you adjust tension. The checking of the belt tension should be repeated at different crank positions. Different belt tensions are an indicator for not concentrically mounted front sprocket to the crank axle.

Gates Carbon Drive Tension Recommendations are as follows:
- Mountain and Urban – smooth and steady pedaling style: 40-60 Hz (35-45 lbs)
- Mountain and Urban –punchy and rough pedaling style: 60-75 Hz (45-53 lbs)
- Internally Geared Hub: 35-50 Hz (28-40 lbs)
- Tandem: 60-65 Hz (45-48 lbs)
- Shimano STEPS: 35-45 Hz (28-35 lbs)


Application: measuring of belt tension
Compatibility: Gates Carbon Drive System


- 1 x Gates Universal Transmissions Spring Tension Tester


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