Liteville - A brand from the Allgäu region of Germany, known for their constant and continuous innovation. With the Alps on their doorstep and with the help of the testing machines from the parent company Syntace, Liteville frames are tested and further developed under the toughest conditions worldwide. Constant research and innovative ideas drive the development of all Liteville bikes and set new benchmarks. But new innovation doesn’t always mean a new model. Instead, the well-known Liteville 301, 601, 101, 901 and H-3 models are continuously developed and offered in new levels of innovation. With special tube sets, which are butted up to five times, Liteville manages to achieve the highest stability and stiffness with extremely light frames. In addition, there is a 10 year warranty on all frames. On this page you will surely find the right Liteville bike for you ride!

Through constant evolution rather than hasty revolution, the guys from the Allgäu have created a living legend in the mountain bike sector with the timeless 301, which is unrivalled in terms of quality, performance and durability. For several years now, the Liteville 301 has been my favourite - from the after work ride to an Enduro race!
Liteville and Syntace are united by the goal of building the perfect Mountain bike. Both benefit from the advantages of parts manufacturers and frame producers working hand in hand to advance developments. For example, the EVO6 wheels. The basis of the improvement is the offset of the rear end by 6 mm from the centre. This makes the wheels more stable and distributes the force more evenly over the rim and spokes.
Nils, Product Management

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