Liteville is setting new benchmarks in the MTB world. A Liteville frame or bike gets the cyclists heart pumping just by looking at it. Here you can find the right Liteville bike for your riding style whether it be a H-3, 101, 301, 601 or 901.

"With measured and consistent evolution, Liteville has turned the 301 into a living legend. It stands for quality, performance and durability unlike any other bike on the market. For years, it has been my go to bike whether I’m heading out for and after work ride or to an Enduro race!"

Rainer, Customer Service

Liteville 301 Frames

Liteville H3 Frames

Liteville 601 Frame

About Liteville

Liteville was founded by Jochen (Jo) Klieber. The bicycle enthusiasts at Liteville have one goal: to construct the best MTB suspension frames on the market. To make this dream a reality, the bikes need to be extremely stiff, lightweight, and durable. To this end, Liteville has a proprietary tube set produced to meet their standards. For example, the 301 frame’s top tube is butted 5 times. Liteville has all their tubes sized depending on the load the tubes experience.