Magura MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set

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MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
MT5 Carbotecture® Disc Brake Set - black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear)
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Entry point into Magura Performance: Magura's MT5 Disc Brake

Tried and tested 4-piston technology from motorcycle racing and adapted for cycling, this disc brake set from Magura promises maximum braking power. Braking power combined with ergonomics results in a performance package that allows you to confidently tackle any trail and cross difficult terrain with relative ease. Of course, this disc brake set is also perfectly suited for S-pedelecs. Aluminium brake levers sit well in hands and allow for precision doses of braking power, even during longer braking phases. The use of the Carbotecture®technology in the brake lever housing gives the MT5 a lighter weight in addition to top braking performance.

Guidelines for Replacing E-bike Components:

Before you replace components on your e-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked E-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


Pistons: 4
Mount: post mount (IS with adapter)
Brake Rotor: not included (recommended: Storm HC, also compatible w/ Storm & Storm SL)
Actuation: Royal Blood (mineral oil)
Hose Length: 2200 mm (front/rear)
Pads: organic / 9.P Performance (4 piston series / 2 pads) or 8.P Performance (4 pistons / 4 pads)

Technical Information - Lever:

Brake Lever Housing Material: Carbotecture®
Brake Lever Material: Aluminium
Clamp: split, carbon
Mount: both sides (FlipFlop)
Technology: Carbotecture SL®, Carboflow®, Carbolay®

Technical Information - Release Unit:

Material: Aluminium
Design: 1-piece
Pads: top load (installation/removal via top, no need to remove wheel)


- ergonomic 2-finger aluminium brake lever
- Carbotecture® brake handle housing and handlebar clamp
- adjustable lever width
- forged 4-piston brake calliper with banjo
- magnetiXchange brake piston for easy pad change
- fully hydraulic four-piston fixed calliper
- open brake system with reservoir
- automatic pad adjustment
- Disc Tube brake line can be shortened without any problems
- rotatable brake line connection (RHR - Rotatable House Routing)
- reach adjust with tools
- Easy-Bleed technology
- two-piece brake lever clamp
- FlipFlop brake lever
- Feel-Safety-Ergonomics


Carbotecture SL®: New material developed by Magura consisting of a high proportion of carbon fibres embedded in a thermoplastic matrix. More powerful, more tensile, more flexible and more break-resistant than conventional, fibre-reinforced plastics or laminated carbon fibre mats. Ideally suited for manufacturing using the Carboflow® process. An artificial word composed of carbon and architecture.

Carboflow®: A process new developed by Magura that allows carbon fibres to be optimally aligned to the direction of force. Produces homogeneous, calculable surfaces. Significant weight savings are possible as oversizing is not necessary. There are hardly any limits to the design.

Carbolay®: Lever fibres are embroidered on a carrier mass before they are covered with resin and allowed to harden.


- 2 x Magura MT5 disc brakes, mount ready, filled & bled (front & rear)
- 2 pair of Magura 9.1 Performance brake pads
- not incl. brake rotor
- not incl. disc brake adapter
- incl. mounting material


  • black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear): 510 g (Set)


  • black-mystic grey anodized/set (front+rear), in stock

Customer Reviews (41)


Customer Reviews (41)


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by Sergey Nikolaevich S.  on 25.02.2022
verified purchase

They're super cool! Appearance, modulation power and great price! Arrived in my country super fast! I recommend it! Thank you DEINBIKE))

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by Lucas N.  on 03.02.2022
verified purchase

Sehr gute starke bremsen!
Der ganze hebel könnte aber komplett aus metall sein und nicht Plastik/metall.

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by Semen B.  on 29.12.2021
verified purchase

тормоза Огонь! стоп краны! как Шимано сэинты

Is this review helpful?
by Niklas K.  on 02.03.2016
verified purchase
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Fantastic brakes. Great modulation and power. Hoses are easy to cut.

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