Back-Roller Plus Pannier - black/23 litres

ORTLIEB Back-Roller Plus Pannier

Item number: 93222

The ORTLIEB Back-Roller Plus pannier with additional front pocket

The updated Plus version of the waterproof ORTLIEB Back-Roller pannier has an external front pocket that promises you additional volume. The large bag offers 20 litres of storage space, the small one another three litres. The die-cast zinc hook, which secures the smaller outer pocket, can be attached to one of two loops that you choose depending on the fill level of the outer pocket. The robust, PU-coated Cordura fabric impresses with its elegant, textile look and feel. In combination with the practical roll closure, it reliably protects the bag contents from rain and dust. The Quick-Lock2.1 mounting system allows you to attach the bag to your pannier rack. If you park the bike and want to take the bag with you, you can use the carrying strap with shoulder pad. This is simply attached to a button at the bottom of the bag to secure it. In addition, the upper auxiliary fastener was redesigned to secure the QL2.1 handle so that it stays where it belongs. The buckle on the back always points upwards. This prevents it from getting caught between the bag and the pannier rack and also makes it possible to close the auxiliary fastener with one hand.


City & Touring
pannier rack
for pannier racks up to 16 mm diameter (8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm reducers included)
Cordura, PU coated (PS36C)
Protection Rating:
dust-tight, no dust ingress, protected against splashing water from all directions (IP64)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
42 cm x 23 cm (lower)/32 cm (upper) x 17 cm
20 + 3 litres

Approved For:

Load Capacity (max.):
9 kg

Note from the Manufacturer:

To achieve the IP64 degree of protection (6 = dust-tight, 4 = splash-proof from all directions), the closure must be rolled up 3 to 4 times over.
Taking into account wear and tear, it is recommended to protect all contact points between the bag mount system and the pannier rack or a bicycle frame with paint protection sticker(s).
In addition, the permitted load of the pannier rack must be adhered to as well as the bag's maximum load capacity.


  • single waterproof rear pannier with additional front pocket for more volume if required
  • elegant textile appearance in a sporty, simple, plain-coloured design
  • PVC-free, made from PU-coated Cordura fabric
  • light and robust
  • practical roll closure
  • two fixing points for hook fastening of the additional pocket for appropriate securing depending on the fill level
  • equipped with Quick-Lock2.1 mounting system
  • highly luminescent 3M Scotchlite reflectors
  • auxiliary closure with webbing and buckle, D-ring
  • attachment of the QL2.1 handle to the auxiliary fastener
  • buckle of the auxiliary fastener on the back always points upwards, preventing it from getting caught between bag and pannier rack and making one-handed clipping possible
  • 75 cm long, adjustable shoulder strap with optimised holder, hooks onto a button at the bottom
  • edge protector with slots for the carrying system
  • integrated inner pocket
  • easy to clean inside
  • can be combined with Rack-Pack M or L on the rear pannier rack
  • made in Germany


Quick-Lock2.1 Mount System
The Quick-Lock2.1 mounting system is based on the proven Quick-Lock2 system, but offers some improvements. The top rail, in which the optional anti-theft device can also be fitted, is made in one piece, which provides extra stability. Particularly flat washers are used on the inside, so that the contents of the bag are hardly affected by them. The bag handle serves as a latch: If you lift the handle, the hooks open, if you let go, they close. The reducers for different tube diameters are pushed in sideways and thus remain securely in place, which covers diameters from 8 to 16 mm. For pannier racks with larger tube diameters of 18 or 20 mm, as are sometimes installed on e-bikes, the upper hook can simply be replaced. The two-component plastic with anti-scratch function, which is used for the lower rail in the form of a semi-ellipse, ensures soft contact surfaces and reduces friction on the rack. The lower hook can be variably adjusted and turned in 15-degree increments. It is easy to use: No tools are required for adjusting the hooks.

Anti-scratch system that protects the lower hook rail and Quick-Lock hooks from damage.

Manufacturer Numbers:

dark chili:
moss green:


  • 1 x ORTLIEB Back-Roller Plus pannier
  • 1 x ORTLIEB shoulder strap (75 cm)
  • 2 x 8 mm reducers
  • 2 x 10 mm reducers
  • 2 x 12 mm reducers

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  • black/23 litres, in stock
  • dark chili/23 litres, in stock
  • denim/23 litres, in stock
  • moss green/23 litres, in stock

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