QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Air Suspension - black/direct mount

QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System for MTB Air Suspension

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Automated suspension analysis for MTB: the ShockWiz™ Tuning System by QUARQ

When the subject of suspension adjustment comes up, many people rack their brains in the hope of finally finding their desired setup.
This can now be remedied: SRAM took over the Kickstarter project from Dusty Dynamics and now launched the QUARQ ShockWiz™.
This small analysis tool helps beginners and experts alike to get the best out of the suspension setup and is compatible with many fork and rear shock models from different manufacturers. The high-tech hardware in combination with the smartphone app analyses the air pressure of forks and shocks and offers suggestions for improvement in their adjustment. Different riding styles and areas of application are also taken into account in the data evaluation. Now nothing stands in the way of an individually optimised setting.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of used batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.


Software Compatibility:
Android as of Version 4.3, iOS as of Version 9
Bluetooth Low Energy (Smart)
Protection Rating:
IP67 (water and dust proof)


  • automatically measures and analyses the behaviour of air suspension elements
  • determines how well the fork and/or rear shock is adjusted to the rider
  • detects unwanted spring behaviour
  • offers optimisation proposals and tuning concepts
  • suitable for every level of performance
  • data can be read via a user-friendly app (smartphone does not have to be carried along during the ride)
  • broad compatibility with spring elements of different manufacturers
  • simple installation

Further Functions of the App:
  • adjustable riding style: balanced, playful, aggressive, efficient
  • profiles for bike, suspension, terrain and conditions can be saved in the app to quickly find the right setting
  • Jump Timer counts the number and width of jumps
  • automatic recording of basic air pressure, compression ratio, tuning style, temperature + snapshot
  • can also be used without ShockWiz hardware to document bike, suspension, setup, terrain and conditions


Fully Compatible:
  • forks and rear shocks with single positive air chamber (e.g. RockShox Solo Air or Fox Racing Shox Float).
  • RockShox Dual Air

Limited Compatibility:
  • Adjustable suspension forks like Talas and Down Low Adjust must remain in the same suspension travel position while the ShockWiz is connected, otherwise they must be recalibrated.
  • For rear shocks with systems such as Terralogic, Brain, iCTD and E:I, there are only limited analysis possibilities due to their non-linear functionality.

Not Compatible:
  • Forks and rear shocks where the positive and negative chambers are combined as soon as a fork pump is connected (e.g. some Manitou suspension forks).
  • Air suspension elements which are filled via the negative air chamber (e.g. White Brothers and MRP forks).
  • Suspension systems with variable air chambers like DRCV, Equalizer and IRT.
  • RockShox Dual Position Air

Note from the manufacturer:
Please note that the ShockWiz can only work effectively if the fork and rear shock are in a well cleaned and maintained condition.


ShockWiz Function™
The small water- and dustproof housing conceals a highly accurate microprocessor pressure sensor, which is connected to the fork or rear shock via the Schrader valve. While riding, the ShockWiz automatically measures and collects air pressure at a frequency of 100 Hz. Precisely tuned algorithms analyse the pressure changes with the aim of detecting undesirable characteristics such as sagging and rocking. Based on this data, the ShockWiz then suggests optimised settings for air pressure, progressivity, compression, rebound and compression stages as well as bottom-out resistance and displays these clearly in the app. Since the data can be called up at any time, the smartphone does not have to be carried along during the ride.

You can see the different mounting options and the connection of the ShockWiz to the rear shock and fork in this video:

Also the setup as well as the calibration of the app (available for Android or iPhone) are explained in detail:

iOS and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc.


suitable for mounting on standard single crown and double crown suspension forks
direct mount:
suitable for mounting on upside-down (USD) forks such as the RockShox RS-1 Solo Air and conventional suspension forks (adapter included)

Manufacturer Numbers:

direct mount:


  • 1 x QUARQ ShockWiz Tuning System
  • 1 x QUARQ long connection hose, for forks
  • 1 x QUARQ short connection hose, for rear shocks
  • 1 x QUARQ connection tube for conventional forks (only for Direct Mount version)
  • 1 x QUARQ rubber cover
  • 1 x CR2032 battery (installed)
  • 2 x cable ties

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.84 / 5.00


  • black/direct mount, in stock

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Customer Reviews (7)


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