SRAM GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit

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GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
GX AXS 1x12-Speed Upgrade Kit - lunar/12-speed
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The SRAM GX Eagle AXS 1x12-speed Upgrade Kit - Electronic shifting for beginners

The SRAM GX Eagle AXS upgrade kit allows mountain bikers to cost-effectively switch to electronic shifting on 1x12-speed drivetrains without sacrificing functionality. You get a GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur with battery and charger, a matching GX Eagle AXS shifter with two programmable shift buttons, an adjustment gauge and a mini-tool. The rear derailleur has a robust steel cage and shifts quickly and precisely even under load. With Overload Clutch, it stays protected in the event of hard hits. The Controller shifter has two control surfaces that you can access without loosening your grip on the handlebars. Both the rear derailleur and controller can be personalised using the AXS app, so you can set your preferred shifting behaviour. You can also read the battery level not only on the rear derailleur itself, but also in the app. Doesn't your bike look a lot tidier without shift cables? As an bonus, a mini-tool is included in the scope of delivery, with which you can fasten all parts safely.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of used batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.

Guidelines for replacing E-bike components:

Before you replace components on your E-bike, please read through the guidelines for component replacement for CE-marked E-bikes/pedelecs with pedal assistance.


Rear Derailleur/Shift Lever:
Series: GX Eagle AXS
Application: Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro
Gearing: 12-speed (wireless)

Function: multi-tool w/ 9 functions
Tool Type: screwdriver

Technical Information:

Rear Derailleur:
Mount: standard
Cassette Teeth (max.): 52 teeth
Compatibility: SRAM MTB 12-speed
Derailleur Pulleys: 14 teeth
Outer Cage Material: Steel
Inner Cage Material: Steel
Other Materials: Steel

Installation: clamp (closed), Matchmaker
Type: Controller
Body Material: composite
Lever Material: composite
Clamp Diameter: 22.2 mm
Adjustment Options: individual key assignment for intuitive operation

Material: Aluminium (housing), steel (tools)


- Eagle cassette


Rear Derailleur:
- derailleur pulley bearings made of steel
- Overload-Clutch protection
- with battery cover as optical highlight and for protection against stone chips

- operates with CR2032 battery
- variable mounting options of the controller to clamp or MatchMaker X thanks to multi-position
- with ANT+ interface
- two touch points


- 2 mm hex
- 2.5 mm hex
- 3 mm hex
- 4 mm hex
- 5 mm hex
- 6 mm hex
- 8 mm hex
- torx tool T10
- torx tool T25


AXS is SRAM's electronic integration platform that combines electronic bicycle components and software. The SRAM AXS app allows you to view battery status, change component behaviour, adjust controls, receive maintenance reminders and update firmware.

Overload Clutch:
In case of an impact against the rear derailleur, the motor decouples to give the rear derailleur a maximum of movement and returns to its original position after the impact.

Roller Bearing Clutch™:
Rear derailleurs with Roller Bearing Clutch are equipped for rough and demanding terrain. Unimpressed by a ground full of roots, stones or rocks, the technology ensures a stable rear derailleur and prevents beating chains. The rear derailleur thus offers maximum drive stability without compromising on precision or performance.

Cage Lock™:
Thanks to the rear derailleur's Cage-Lock technology, the chain and the rear wheel can be fitted and removed really easily. Simply release the chain tension by pushing the shift cage forward and locking it.

MatchMaker X Integrated:
The MatchMaker-X clamp is more than just a clamp. It is a wonder of tidyness. With room for up to three controls on each clamp, you can mount everything from your XLoc damper lock, SRAM switches and Avid brake levers to the Reverb XLoc remote, all in just two clamps, so you have everything within reach.

Manufacturer Part Number:



- 1 x SRAM GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur
- 1 x SRAM GX Eagle AXS Controller shifter
- 1 x SRAM battery
- 1 x SRAM battery cover
- 1 x SRAM charger
- 1 x USB cable for charger
- 1 x SRAM
- 1 x SRAM chain gap adjustment gauge


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  • lunar/12-speed

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