Schwalbe PROCORE 29" Set

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PROCORE 29" Set - universal/29"
PROCORE 29" Set - universal/29"
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Ride Progressive: the 29" PROCORE set by Schwalbe

In rough terrain the rule is: if you ride with lower air pressures, the performance always improves ... but at the same time the risk of impact punctures increases. The limit value is currently around 1.5 bar, below which the risk of snakebites is simply too great.

But nothing stays the same: With the PROCORE system you can lower the air pressure down to 0.8 bar. The secret lies in the double chamber system. While you lower the pressure in the tyre - of the outer chamber - the inner chamber, composed of the PROCORE inner tube and the PROCORE tyre, protects your rim with a high pressure.


Application: Enduro, Downhill and Performance MTB
Air pressure outer chamber: 0.8 - 1.5 bar
Air pressure inner chamber: 4 - 6 bar
Rim width (min./max.): 23 mm - 40 mm jaw width
Tyre width (min): 57 mm (2.25" )


You can mount Procore on any tubeless MTB tyre with a minimum width of 57 mm (2.25" ).

In addition, you need a tubeless compatible rim with a rim width between 23 mm - 40 mm and tubeless rim tape for sealing.
The wider the rim, the easier it is to mount and the better the handling characteristics are at low air pressures.
Wide Syntace rims are perfect examples.

We also recommend that you check with the manufacture of your rim, whether it is approved for this system.


- The tyre pressure can be reduced to 0.8 bar. This way your tyres are " glued" to the ground even in the roughest terrain.
- The tyre has an extremely sensitive and responsive suspension behaviour.
- The added damping and traction gives you much better control over your bike.
- The end to impact punctures: Your rims are extremely well protected against dents.
- Even in tough conditions and intense usage, significantly lighter tyres can be used.
- In case of breakdowns, the internal high-pressure air chamber offers excellent emergency running characteristics.


The name PROCORE is a derivative of Progressive Core and describes a double chamber system jointly developed by Schwalbe and Syntace. It allows you to ride a mountain bike with extremely low air pressures and thus improve tyre performance enormously.

The core
The inner chamber consists of the special PROCORE inner tyre and the PROCORE inner tube. The inner tube is equipped with the patented Dual-Valve, the tyre is both very light and extremely high pressure resistant. It is filled with a pressure between 4 and 6 bar and progressively cushions extremely hard impacts - even maximum loads cannot penetrate to the edge of the rim. At the same time, the internal high-pressure system secures the tyre to the rim and reliably prevents the air loss known as " burping" of conventional tubeless systems.

The outer chamber
You have the power to decide. Because the outer chamber consists of the tubeless compatible MTB tyre of your choice (minimum width of 2.25" ). It is run " tubeless" with some sealing liquid and with an extremely low air pressure between 0.8 and 1.5 bar. This provides gigantic grip for the maximum off-road performance.

The valve
A patented dual valve distributes the air into both chambers. The upper part of the valve is a selector. With a simple turn you can adjust whether the air is pumped into the outer or inner chamber.

The Air-Guide
The small red component made of soft plastic ensures that the air can flow past the inner high-pressure chamber into the outer low-pressure chamber.

The assembly
The assembly is easier than you think. This video explains how it is done ina clear and descriptive manner:

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- 2 x Schwalbe PROCORE inner tyres
- 2 x Schwalbe PROCORE special inner tubes
- 1 x Schwalbe 25 mm x 10 m tubeless rim tape
- 2 x Schwalbe Doc Blue 60 ml tyre sealant
- 1 x Schwalbe Easy Fit tyre mounting fluid
- 2 x Schwalbe PROCORE AirGuide
- 3 x Schwalbe PROCORE tyre levers


  • universal/29": 400 g


  • universal/29", in stock

Customer Reviews (4)


Customer Reviews (4)


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by Ziga K.  on 27.05.2022
verified purchase

Just finished installing it. I had a little problem when I had to lift a tire a little bit to pour in the sealant, it was very difficult to do. I suspect that if you have a failure on a trail, putting in the tube will be quite challenging.
The tire with the pro core installed does not burp at all - and this is why I bought procore. All reviews that I read, said this is the best system against burping. And in real world it delivers on that promise.

Is this review helpful?
by Jürgen M.  on 24.07.2021

Verblüffenderweise kenne ich niemanden, der Procore fährt. Und den ursprünglichen Preis fand ich nur für das Experiment zu sportlich.
Bei 50 Euro hat dann doch meine Neugier gesiegt!
Was soll ich sagen: er wäre auch 180 wert gewesen ;-)
Montage ist ein Kinderspiel - viel leichter als Tubeless weil der Innenreifen den äußeren Mantel ins Felgenbett schiebt - ganz ohne Kompressor.
Rad ist ca. 50g schwerer als vorher mit Schlauch.
Auf meinen 29“/2.6 Reifen gleite ich jetzt mit 1.0/1.2 bar im Sitzen über Wurzelteppiche.
Den Komfortgewinn hatte ich erhofft - aber die deutliche Zunahme an Grip überrascht mich!
Bin begeistert!

Is this review helpful?
by Wilhelm S.  on 06.01.2019
verified purchase

In meinen Augen immer noch der beste Reifeninsert, da zuverlässig, über Luftdruck individuell abstimmbar, schützt vor Abspringen des Reifens und kann man auch unterwegs bei einer Panne (im Gegensatz zu den anderen) demontieren und Schlauch einziehen.

Is this review helpful?
by Florian M.  on 22.01.2017
verified purchase

Bereits mein 2tes Set nach Umstieg von 27.5 auf 29 Zoll. Seit der Nutzung von Procore keinen Plattfuss mehr gehabt. Fahre vorne mit 0,8 und hinten mit 1,1 bar (bei 90 kg Körpergewicht!!); Fahrgefühl und Grip sind unglaublich;
Montage geht leicht von der Hand;
Für mich unverzichtbar und eine echte Bereicherung für alle die es gerne mal fliegen lassen auf dem Trail.

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