Shimano Alivio FC-T4060 Crankset w/ Chain Guard

Item number: 40160
Alivio FC-T4060 Crankset w/ Chain Guard - black/175.0 mm 22-32-44
Alivio FC-T4060 Crankset w/ Chain Guard - black/175.0 mm 22-32-44
Alivio FC-T4060 Crankset w/ Chain Guard - black/175.0 mm 22-32-44
Alivio FC-T4060 Crankset w/ Chain Guard - silver/170.0 mm 26-36-48
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Shimano Alivio crankset FC-T4060 with chain guard - smooth, quiet performance

The Shimano Alivio 9-speed crankset FC-T4060 is designed for use on city & touring bikes and is compatible with chain cases. It comes in either 22-32-44 or 26-36-48 (104/64 mm bolt circle diameter) increments and comes with a chain guard ring. In terms of construction, the FC-T4060 follows the 2-Piece Design, in which the axle bearings are spaced further apart in favour of stiffness. Following the Shimano HyperDrive concept, the aluminium crank works smoothly with the other drivetrain components and is particularly appealing with its low-noise shifting performance. You have the choice between a silver and a black finish.


Application: City & Touring
Compatibility: Shimano 3x9-speed
Chainring Mount: 104/64 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm

Technical Information:

Series: Alivio T4000
Crank Arm Material: Aluminium
Chainring Material: steel
Axle Material: steel
Gradation: 22-32-44, 26-36-48
Crank Arm Length: 170.0 mm, 175.0 mm
Chainline: 50 mm
Q-Factor: 181.7 mm
Axle Diameter: 24 mm
Compatible BSA Shell Width: 68 mm / 73 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket: SM-BB52 Hollowtech II (not included)
Recommended Chain: HG 9-speed (e.g. CN-HG93)


Shifter: SL-M590, SL-M4000, SL-M3100, SL-M3000, SL-M2010, SL-M2000, SL-M370, ST-M4050, ST-M3050, ST-M4000, ST-T4000, ST-T3000, ST-M370, ST-EF65-L2, ST-EF65-L4, ST-EF510-L2A, ST-EF500-L2A, ST-EF500-L4A, ST-EF505-L
Front Derailleur:
- 22-32-44: FD-M660-E, FD-M661-D, FD-T4000, FD-T3000, FD-M370, FD-M371
- 26-36-48: FD-T4000, FD-T3000, FD-M370, FD-M371
Bottom Bracket: SM-BB52, BB-MT500, BB-MT500-PA
Chain: CN-HG93, CN-HG53
Chain Case: compatible


- smooth and precise shifting performance with Hyperdrive technology
- low-noise shifts due to noise reduction (48 t)
- painted crank arms and chainrings
- stainless steel chainring bolts
- Alivio logo
- with chain guard (black)


2-Piece Crankset
With the 2-piece designed cranks from Shimano, the right crank arm is precisely matched to the interaction with the bottom bracket. This increases the stiffness and keeps the weight low. Further spaced bearings also improve strength and contribute to more pedalling efficiency. The precision manufacturing of the bearings ensures easy installation and low maintenance. 2-Piece cranks share a 24mm axle diameter with Hollowtech II cranks, so they are also compatible with Hollowtech II bottom brackets.

Manufacturer Numbers:

black 170.0 mm 22-32-44: E-FCT4060CX422CL
sliver 170.0 mm 22-32-44: E-FCT4060CX422CS
black 175.0 mm 22-32-44: E-FCT4060EX422CL
sliver 175.0 mm 22-32-44: E-FCT4060EX422CS
black 170.0 mm 26-36-48: E-FCT4060CX866CL
sliver 170.0 mm 26-36-48: E-FCT4060CX866CS
black 175.0 mm 36-26-48: E-FCT4060EX866CL
sliver 175.0 mm 26-36-48: E-FCT4060EX866CS


- 1 x Shimano Alivio FC-T4060 crankset (22-32-44 or 26-36-48 tooth)
- 1 x Shimano chain guard


  • black/170.0 mm 22-32-44, in stock
  • black/170.0 mm 26-36-48, ships on 16.08.2022
  • black/175.0 mm 22-32-44, in stock
  • black/175.0 mm 26-36-48, sold-out
  • silver/170.0 mm 22-32-44, in stock
  • silver/170.0 mm 26-36-48, ships on 16.08.2022
  • silver/175.0 mm 22-32-44, ships on 18.08.2022
  • silver/175.0 mm 26-36-48, sold-out

Customer Reviews (5)


Customer Reviews (5)


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by Zeljko K.  on 29.08.2020
verified purchase

Perfect crank. Comes with a chain guard. Nice black color.
Low price.

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by Haris B.  on 07.07.2018
verified purchase

Great cranks! I like 44-32-22 teeth combo. Nice for further upgrade to 1x with 104 bolts diameter. Top

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