Ultegra BR-R8170 + Di2 ST-R8170 Disc Brake - anthracite/front

Shimano Ultegra BR-R8170 + Di2 ST-R8170 Disc Brake

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The Shimano Ultegra Disc Brake with BR-R8170 Brake Caliper and ST-R8170 Di2 Shift/Brake Lever

The disc brake for the Ultegra road bike groupset from Shimano consists of the BR-R8170 and the ST-R8170. These are a flat-mount brake calipers for front or rear and an electronic shift/brake lever that enables wireless 2-speed or 12-speed shifting and hydraulic braking.

With the Ultegra BR-R8170 brake caliper, the brake pads have more free space than with the predecessor model, which prevents grinding of the brake rotor and reduces noise. The braking power of the two plastic pistons is tuned for competition use, but is just as suitable for leisure and training rides. In addition, BR-R8170 features a simple bleeding process thanks to One-Way Bleeding technology. The two-piece brake caliper is made of lightweight aluminium.

The Ultegra ST-R8170 shift/brake lever is powered by a CR1632 button cell, which lasts at least 1.5 years and which you can replace yourself. It communicates via a wireless protocol with the rear derailleur, which in turn is wired to the battery and indirectly to the front derailleur. Not only do you benefit from lightning-fast gear shifting and a tidy cockpit, but installation is also much easier without cables. Alternatively, you can also use the Dual Control lever wired. The ergonomics have been further optimised compared to previous models, and allow for a very comfortable grip. It is also possible to communicate with the third-party device via special buttons, mediated via the rear derailleur as a wireless unit. In terms of braking performance, this Ultegra STI goes one step further than before: thanks to Servo Wave technology, the full braking power is available to you more quickly, but it can also be better dosed at the same time. In addition to the grip width, you can also adjust the empty travel, both using a 2 mm hex tool. With the help of the completely revised funnel (not included), even the bleed process is no problem. The brake lever of the ST-R8170 is made of lightweight aluminium, while the grip body is made of carbon, which saves additional weight.

The Ultegra disc brake comes with a brake hose and Ice-Tech resin pads, which ensure particularly good heat dissipation thanks to their cooling fins. However, you can also ride with them using conventional pads.

Information regarding the return of batteries and electrical equipment:

Information on the return and disposal of batteries and electrical equipment can be found here.


Ultegra R8100
2-speed, 12-speed
Shifting System:
electronic, semi-wireless
hydraulic, 2 pistons
mineral oil
Hose Length (Front/Rear):
1000 mm / 1700 mm

Technical Information - Shift/Brake Lever:

Brake Lever Material:
Lever Body Material:
carbon (CFRP)
clamp (closed)
Reach Adjust:
Adjustment Options:
reach adjust, contact point

Technical Information - Caliper:

flat mount
resin with cooling fins
Calliper Material:
Piston Material:
Hose Connection:


Shift/Brake Lever:
Mounting Position:
left for front brake caliper, right for rear brake caliper
Clamp Diameter:
23.8 - 24.2 mm
Power Cable:
EW-SD300-I (1 x connection)
Rear Derailleur:
RD-R8150, RD-R9250, RD-R7150
Front Derailleur:
FD-R8150, FD-R9250, FD-R7150
FC-R8100, FC-R8100-P, FC-R9200, FC-R9200-P, FC-R7100, FC-RS520
CS-R8100-12, CS-R8101-12, CS-R9200-12, CS-R7100-12, CS-R7101-12, CS-HG710-12
CN-M8100, CN-M9100, CN-M7100, CN-M6100
Additional Brake Lever:
Satellite Shifter:
SW-RS801-S, SW-RS801-T, SW-RS801-E (1 x connection via EW-SD300)

Brake Caliper:
Brake Rotor:
140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm (recommended: RT-MT800)
organic and sintered; with narrow pad shape; standard and Ice Tech brake pads


Shift/Brake Lever:
  • tidy cockpit, aesthetic look thanks to wireless connection
  • wireless shifting, precise and fast (rear derailleur / front derailleur with cabling)
  • battery CR1632 easy to replace with flat head screwdriver, 1.5 to 2 years runtime
  • unique ergonomics thanks to feedback from professional riders
  • softer handle cover
  • Servo Wave technology for optimal brake control
  • 16.4 mm reach adjust
  • wired mounting also possible
  • funnel venting with M7 funnel
  • firmware updates via E-Tube Project
  • connection with Shimano Connected partner devices from Garmin or Wahoo possible via E-Tube
  • lacquered brake lever and buttons

Brake Caliper:
  • 10% larger brake pad spacing minimises grinding of the brake rotor, less noise development
  • braking performance optimally tuned for racing and training use
  • coherent appearance and easy tool access thanks to flat mount
  • optimised heat dissipation with Ice-Tech
  • simple bleeding process
  • 2 pistons made of synthetic resin
  • painted
  • steel bolts (4 mm)


STI Dual Control
Shimano Total Integration (STI) means the combination of braking and shifting functions in one lever, which increases safety when riding. By refining the technology, it became possible to make shifting so smooth at the front and rear that they can be triggered with just one finger. Shimano calls such levers Dual Control Levers (DCL).

Digital Integrated Intelligence (Di2)
Di2 systems are the electronic shifting systems from Shimano. They are based on the SEIS, the Shimano Electronic Intelligent System, which takes over the index shifting function from the mechanical components, only via power cables or radio signals and not via a Bowden cable. Shifting is done by simply pressing a button. This has the advantage that no great effort is required, your concentration on the ride is not disturbed and operation is easy even with cold hands. In addition, the electronic gear changes are very fast and highly precise. There is also no risk of a defective circuit due to dirty cables or other problems. You can adjust individual settings via the E-Tube Project, such as adjusting the shifting speed, the number of shifting operations per button press or the Synchro or Semi-Synchro shifting function. Shimano offers an app for this purpose. Gear maintenance and firmware updates are also done via E-Tube, with the bike connected to a PC running the appropriate E-Tube software for more extensive workshop work.

The Shimano Di2 12-speed road groupsets in the disc brake version work semi-wirelessly: at the crucial point, namely the interaction between STIs and rear derailleur, the cable is dispensed with, which makes for a tidy cockpit and considerably simplifies assembly. The wireless protocol is extremely fast and reliable, so that the shifting speed reaches a new level - with consistently high precision. Attention was also paid to keeping power consumption as low as possible. Cables are only used between the battery and the rear derailleur and between the battery and the front derailleur. These are thinner than the previous models and easier to lay. Shimano relies on a central battery located in the seatpost. This increases safety and ensures an uncomplicated charging process via the rear derailleur. Once fully charged, the circuit can be ridden for approx. 1000 km. The components are paired together via the E-Tube platform.

Servo Wave
Shimano Servo Wave technology optimises the travel of your brake levers. During the braking process, the brake pads are guided quickly to the brake rotor with very short lever travel. The greater part of the lever travel is reserved for the actual braking force. In this way, you can apply your braking power in a more targeted manner and use it more effectively.

One Way Bleeding
One Way Bleeding is a technique used on Shimano calipers that facilitates brake bleeding. The hose routing has been optimised so that no air bubbles remain in the brake calliper. In combination with the funnel, the brake can be bled cleanly and easily.

Manufacturer Numbers:



  • 1 x Shimano Ultegra BR-R8170 + Ultegra Di2 ST-R8170 disc brake, front or rear
  • 1 x Shimano SM-BH90-JK-SSR brake hose, 1000 mm (front) or 1700 mm (rear)
  • 1 x pair Shimano brake pads
  • 1 x disc brake adapter for front 140/160 + 160/180 mm (only for front)
  • 1 x hose connection set with olive (mounted) and insert pin
  • 2 x type A caliper bolts (front)
  • 2 x caliper bolts for 25 mm frame diameters (rear)
  • ready for installation, filled, bleeding is recommended after installation

Order Together:

  • FM to FM brake adapter SM-MA-R160 D/D for 160 mm brake rotor on 140 mm FM frame (for rear)
  • FM-to-FM brake adapter SM-MA-R160 D/D for 180 mm brake rotor on 160 mm FM frame (for rear)

Optional accessories:

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