Shimano Ultegra R8000 Climbing Kit

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Ultegra R8000 Climbing Kit - silver-black/long / 11-34
Ultegra R8000 Climbing Kit - silver-black/long / 11-34
Ultegra R8000 Climbing Kit - silver-black/long / 11-34
Ultegra R8000 Climbing Kit - silver-black/long / 11-34
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The Ultegra R8000 Climbing Kit by Shimano - Let's head for the mountains

The Shimano Ultegra R8000 climbing kit helps you to convert existing bikes with Dura-Ace or another 11-speed road bike groupset to a more mountain-compatible gear ratio. It includes a cassette with 11-32 or 11-34 teeth and the (long) Ultegra GS rear derailleur required for these gradations. The matching Ultegra Quick-Link chain is also included. So nothing stands in the way of a trip to mountainous regions.


Series: Ultegra R8000
Application: Road, Cyclocross
Shifters & Derailleurs: 11-speed (mechanical)

Technical Information - Cassette:

Type: Ultegra CS-R8000 or CS-HG800-11 (HG-EV)
Gearing: 11-speed
Gradation: 11-32 T (11-12-13-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32 T) or 11-34 T (11-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27-30-34 T)
Sprocket Material: steel
Freehub Compatibility: Shimano Road
Note: the 11-34 T (not the 11-32 T) requires a 1.85 mm spacer (incl. with the11-34 cassette)
Spider: 2 (1 x carbon, 1 x aluminium)

Technical Information - Rear Derailleur:

Type: Ultegra RD-R8000 (GS)
Attachment: standard (Direct Mount compatible)
Capacity: 39 tooth (long)
Max. Largest Sprocket Teeth: 34-tooth
Min. Largest Sprocket Teeth: 28-tooth
Max. Smallest Sprocket Teeth: 12-tooth
Min. Smallest Sprocket Teeth: 11-tooth
Max. Chainring Difference: 16-tooth
Compatibility: Shimano Road 11-speed
Compatibility - Chains: HG-EV 11-speed, HG-X11
Derailleur Pulleys: 11-tooth
Outer Cage Material: Aluminium
Inner Cage Material: Aluminium
Other Materials: aluminium, carbon (CFRP), stainless steel

Technical Information - Chain:

Type: Ultegra / XT CN-HG701-11 (HG-X11)
Number of Links: 116
Closure Type: master link (Quick-Link)
Pin Type: chromium-plated, solid
Directional: yes
Material: steel


Shifter: ST-R9100, ST-R9120, ST-9001, ST-9000, SL-BSR1, ST-R8000, ST-R8020, ST-R8025, ST-6800, ST-R7000, ST-R7020, ST-R7025, ST-5800, SL-RS700, ST-RS685, ST-RS505, ST-U5060, SL-U5000, ST-RX810, ST-RX600
Front Derailleur: FD-R9100, FD-R8000, FD-5801, FD-R7000, FD-9000, FD-6800, FD-5800, FD-U5000, FD-RX810
Cranks: FC-R9100, FC-R9100-P, FC-R8000, FC-R7000, FC-RS510, FC-9000, FC-6800, FC-5800, FC-RS500, FC-U5000-2, FC-RX810-2, FC-RX600-11, FC-RX810-1, FC-RX600-1, FC-U5000-1


The Shimano Ultegra climbing kit includes:
- 1 x Shimano Ultegra CS-R8000 cassette or CS-HG800-11
- 1 x Shimano Ultegra RD-R8000 Shadow long rear derailleur
- 1 x Shimano Ultegra / XT CN-HG701-11 chain
- 1 x Shimano OT-RS900 240 mm cable housing
- 1 x extended end cap for rear derailleurs
- 1 x Shimano 1.85 mm cassette spacer (only for 11-34)
- 1 x Shimano aluminium cassette lockring
- 1 x Shimano SM-CN900-11 Quick-Link master link


  • silver-black/long / 11-32: 759 g (Kette m. 114 Gl.+Kassette+Schaltwerk)
  • silver-black/long / 11-34: 802 g (Kette m. 114 Gl.+Kassette+Schaltwerk)


  • silver-black/long / 11-32, ships in calendar week 38 (September)
  • silver-black/long / 11-34, ships in calendar week 38 (September)

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Customer Reviews (1)


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