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"Shimano has made a very good name for itself with its powerful brakes for every application. Discover all Mountain bike brake components here. You will also find a wide range of wear and tear parts."

Nils, Product Management

Make your Mark with the DEORE M6100 brakes

"The M6100 series offers disc brakes with proven Shimano technology at a DEORE level. For you, this means a lot of braking performance at a fair price, no matter how you use them."

Nils, Product Management

Your set of DEORE disc brakes

With the new DEORE M6100 brakes you get the revised brake lever design, with better handlebar support for optimum stiffness, which comes from the brakes of the XTR, DEORE XT and SLX series. The brakes are also equipped with the proven SERVO WAVE technology. This brings the pads quickly to the brake rotor at the beginning of the lever travel, so that as much lever travel as possible remains available for the actual braking process. This gives you full control in every situation and ensures that you always get exactly the braking power you need.

With the brake calipers, you can also choose between a two-piston and a four-piston version at the DEORE level. So if you are more into Cross Country and moderate trail use, then the two-piston version of the M6100 brake is the right one for you. With its XC-specific alignment, it offers a good ratio of braking performance to weight.

If, on the other hand, you are riding in more demanding trail and Enduro terrain and need more braking power, then the four-piston version, the M6120 disc brake, is perfect. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of modern Enduro and Trail bikes and has more braking power than the two-piston brake, but also adds a little more weight.

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