Specialized SL Bib Shorts

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SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
SL Bib Shorts - black/M
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The SL Bib Shorts by Specialized - Few seams, little friction

The SL Bib Shorts by Specialized are lightweight summer shorts for performance-oriented road cyclists. In the upper body area, the material was processed in such a way that there are as few seams as possible and thus also little friction. A special yarn has a natural antimicrobial effect and ensures good moisture management. Siliconised hems are used on the legs to prevent slipping. The highly complex 3X chamois features breathability and comfort and relieves pressure. The SL pants were designed according to anatomical body geometry aspects and designed for the riding position. Their skin-tight fit creates a noticeable compression effect. It also has a high UV protection factor and features reflective elements that improve your visibility at dusk.


Shape Fit
Body Geometry 3D Contour 3X Chamois
Special Fabrics:
UPF 50
Product Line:


  • welded backing minimises seams and friction
  • carbon fibre for antimicrobial effect without biocides and heat regulation
  • silicone-reinforced hems for a gentle, secure hold on the legs and a slip-free fit
  • chamois offers quick drying, temperature control, breathability and bacteria inhibition, provides smooth comfort, pressure relief and support
  • Form Fit: design with high-compression features for stabilising the muscles and promoting blood circulation, fits close to the body
  • anatomical body geometry design ensures a perfect fit in riding position
  • with UV protection factor 50 to protect the skin from harmful UV rays
  • reflective elements increase visibility in road traffic in low light conditions


  • Main: 78 % nylon, 22 % elastane (Spandex)
  • Straps: 78 % polyester, 22 % elastane (Spandex)


Body Geometry 3D Contour 3X Chamois
The 3X Chamois is a highly complex pad that is 3D-moulded according to medical criteria and is composed of four different layers. The outer material is made of a polyamide-polyester blend (EIT X-Fifty fabric), which dries down quickly and has a cooling and bacteriostatic effect, and has as little contact with the skin as possible (REPOC construction = reduced points of contact). This controls the temperature, improves breathability and maintains micro air circulation so that the skin does not overheat. Even direct skin contact does not cause chafing or irritation. The wings of the pad are 2 mm thick, particularly breathable and allow full freedom of movement.
The second layer underneath is a channel developed according to anatomical criteria and made of low-density foam. This increases comfort by relieving pressure in the perineal area. Another layer underneath is a perforated foam with very high density combined with an ultra-high density insert. This provides further support in the perineal and sciatic areas, which together with the multi-directional shape improves stability and promotes performance. This means that there are three different degrees of foam density for this chamois. At the very bottom, there is a tightly knitted protective cover that holds the layers above it securely in place for the entire journey.

Size Guide:

Height: 170 - 178 cm / Waist (narrowest part): 75 - 81 cm / Waist (waistband): 78 - 84 cm / Hip: 90 - 96 cm / Inseam: 75 - 80 cm
Height: 173 - 180 cm / Waist (narrowest part): 81 - 88 cm / Waist (waistband): 84 - 91 cm / Hip: 96 - 103 cm / Inseam: 76 - 81 cm
Height: 175 - 183 cm / Waist (narrowest part): 88 - 96 cm / Waist (waistband): 91 - 100 cm / Hip: 103 - 111 cm / Inseam: 76 - 81 cm
Height: 177 - 184 cm / Waist (narrowest part): 96 - 105 cm / Waist (waistband): 100 - 109 cm / Hip: 111 - 119 cm / Inseam: 76 - 81 cm
Height: 177 - 184 cm / Waist (narrowest part): 105 - 116 cm / Waist (waistband): 109 - 119 cm / Hip: 119 - 127 cm / Inseam: 76 - 81 cm

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  • 1 x Specialized SL Bib Shorts


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  • black/L, in stock
  • black/XL, in stock
  • black/XXL, in stock

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