Trickstuff Direttissima Disc Brake Set

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black/set (front+rear)
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Direttissima Disc Brake Set - black/set (front+rear)
Direttissima Disc Brake Set - black/set (front+rear)
Direttissima Disc Brake Set - black/set (front+rear)
Direttissima Disc Brake Set - black/set (front+rear)
Direttissima Disc Brake Set - black/set (front+rear)
Direttissima Disc Brake Set - black/set (front+rear)
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Strong and lightweight: the Direttissima Disc Brake by Trickstuff

Can you improve upon a legend? Nothing less than really high braking power, excellent dosing, full stability and perfect haptics were the basic requirements for this brake - the successor of the famous CLEG.
The term " Direttissima" comes from Alpinism and refers to the direct, straight line up to the summit and back down again. And it is precisely for these requirements that the Direttissima is designed.
The slim appearance of the brake pump combined with a compact but ultra-stiff four-piston caliper results in a lightweight yet powerful brake.
A prototype of the Direttissima has already successfully guided the Czech bear Tomas Zejda down the steep gorges of the Rampage. With one finger it is possible to master the steepest descents without cramping forearms and then enjoy the trail again or rip the next backflip in Utah.
Friction in the system is the enemy of good dosing. Internal friction has been minimised by the consistent use of roller bearings, which have no friction due to their principle, and by the use of PTFE elements at the contact points between the encoder piston and the pump housing. Static and sliding friction of PTFE are equal, but above all extremely low, which results in an extremely sensitive dosing.
Nothing disturbs and annoys the finger rest as much as corners and edges. Therefore, the Direttissima has none of these at the only two brake-to-rider contact points. A surface form created in several iterations and produced with specially manufactured milling heads ensures braking without pressure points even after kilometres of descent. The finger rest is also free of annoying friction points such as holes, grooves or depressions. Not the brake lever should tame the finger - the finger should tame the lever. In the natural movement of braking, the finger slides over the brake lever as the lever approaches the handlebars. This should be supported by a smooth surface and not prevented by static friction. This means that the hand does not have to turn to compensate - the handlebars now remains firmly in your grip.
Intuitive operation is one of the main criteria of a good brake. A wooden and stiff or a squishy soft pressure point is always a hindrance. The trick was to fine-tune the master and caliper cross-sections and kinematics so that the pressure point was stable and firm, but not rigid and wooden. Due to the increased overall transmission ratio compared to the predecessor, a crystal-clearly defined but pleasantly elastic pressure point could be achieved. The characteristic " dong" of the CLEG brake can still be felt on the Direttissima, but the behaviour at the operating point is now even more intuitive, lively and power-saving.
Do curves only exist for suspension forks and rear shocks? Far from it - a brake also has a characteristic curve. The mechanical actuation of the connecting rod produces a change in angle when pulling and thus, in this case, a progressive brake force characteristic. The harder you pull, the higher the braking force - and disproportionately so. After long braking sessions, do your forearms become flabby at some point? Do you feel like you have to pull harder and harder on the lever? The carefully chosen, slight knee lever effect in the lever mechanism ensures an increasing transmission ratio the harder you pull on the lever. Slackening of fingers and forearm is a thing of the past, thanks to old-fashioned pure mechanics!
The slim and elegant handlebar clamp on the CLEG has been rethought for the Direttissima, and consistently reduced to tension and compression. The two-piece design compensates for deviations in handlebar circumference. This creates an extremely large contact surface that encloses the handlebars almost 360° and does not pass on any notch or point loads to the handlebars. This predestines the Direttissima especially for sensitive carbon handlebars, which should be clamped as gently and extensively as possible. The wide support effectively prevents " bending" of the brake lever under strong lever pull. This stiffens the pressure point and makes braking feel even more direct.


Application: Trail, Cross Country, Marathon, All Mountain, Enduro
Pistons: 4
Mount: post mount (IS with adapter)
Actuation: mineral oil
Brake Rotor: not incl. (Dächle)
Brake Lever: included
Type: disc brake, hydraulic

Technical Information:

Brake Lever Material: aluminium
Lever Body Material: aluminium
Calliper Material: aluminium
Pads: POWER+ organic
Lever Mount: right or left
Adjustment: reach adjust
Clamp: split
Front Hose Length: 900 mm
Rear Hose Length: 1700 mm


- four-piston brake caliper with automatic pad adjustment
- fade-free, low-noise Trickstuff NG pads
- high pressure Kevlar line
- optimal lever ergonomics
- 4-fold ball bearing mounted levers
- easy, fast and clean bleeding
- maximum heat resistance due to stainless steel piston and high quality mineral oil
- light four-piston brake
- oversized expansion tank volume (3 ml)
- adjustable lever width over a wide range for very small and large hands
- pad spacing of 0.3 mm and high-precision brake caliper for drag-free braking


set (front + rear) / black:
- Type: front and rear
- Brake Hose Length: 900 mm (front), 1700 mm (rear)
- Colour: black

Note: we are trying to shorten delivery times by reserving production slots with Trickstuff.
Therefore we offer the brake only in pre-configured colours.
However, depending on demand, the delivery time can take up to 7 months.


- 1 pair of Trickstuff Direttissima disc brakes, mount ready, filled & bled (front and rear wheel)
- 2 pairs of Trickstuff POWER+ brake pads
- 2 x Trickstuff brake pad retaining bolts
- 2 pairs of Trickstuff M6x16 brake caliper bolts
- 2 pairs of Trickstuff M6 washers
- 2 x Trickstuff clamps
- 1 x Trickstuff water bottle
- 2 x Trickstuff decals
- 1 x wooden box


  • black/set (front+rear): 468 g inkl. Kevlarleitung (70 cm) + Beläge


in stock 2 to 7 days up to 10 days Out of stock inform me
  • black/set (front+rear)

Customer Reviews (7)


Customer Reviews (7)


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by Alexander K.  on 03.04.2021
verified purchase

Am Anfang wollte ich nie glauben das die Direttissima so gut ist. Aber ja sie ist Standfest, hat einen ausgezeichneten Druckpunkt, die Verarbeitung und Optik ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben und die Power ist ein Traum.
So viel Geld für eine Bremse? Ja, weil sie jedem Cent wert ist.

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by Ho-Jun G.  on 11.04.2020

Absolutes Topprodukt.
Der ungemein hohe Preis hatte auch mich zuerst abgeschreckt. Dann hatte ich an einem gebraucht erstandenen Downhiller diese Bremse dran und das hat mich dann überzeugt, sie auch an meinen anderen MTBs zu montieren.
Ich habe bislang keine Bremse gesehen, die es an Bremskraft, Dosierbarkeit und Design/Haptik mit Trickstuff aufnehmen kann. Die Beläge nutzen etwas schneller ab als üblich, aber das nehme ich angesichts der Performance gerne in Kauf. Eine teure, aber lohnenswerte Investition!

Is this review helpful?
by Bernhard B.  on 30.04.2019
verified purchase
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Wahnsinnig standfest, brutale Bremsleistung, extrem teuer. Ich würde sie wieder kaufen ! Habe sie mit meinen bestehenden XT Bremsscheiben kombiniert.

Is this review helpful?
by Romano M.  on 24.04.2019
verified purchase

Top Bremse, da stimmt einfach alles. Äußerst schnelle Lieferung nach etwas mehr als 3 Wochen. Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle.

Is this review helpful?
by J. Markus K.  on 26.03.2019
verified purchase
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Verarbeitung, Wertigkeit, Funktion, dagegen sind alle anderen Bremsen Kinderspielzeug. Es gibt divinitiv keine bessere Bremse.

Is this review helpful?
by Iwan N.  on 12.11.2018
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Beeindruckende Performance, präzise Dosierbarkeit und perfekte Verarbeitung. Das alles in einem Produkt, danke Trickstuff.

Is this review helpful?
by Daniel Z.  on 09.07.2018
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Super Bremse , Top verarbeitet .
Ist jeden Euro wert kann ich nur empfehlen .

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