Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" Folding Tyre Set

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Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" Folding Tyre Set - para/28-622 (700x28c)
Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" Folding Tyre Set - para/28-622 (700x28c)
Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" Folding Tyre Set - para/28-622 (700x28c)
Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" Folding Tyre Set - para/28-622 (700x28c)
Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" Folding Tyre Set - black/28-622 (700x28c)
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The Corsa G2.0 28" folding tyre set - the first choice of the professionals

Corsa is a folding tyre that has been chosen by the professionals for their races for years. The unique combination of Corespun body and four-layer rubber compound with integrated Graphene ensures that the Corsa is completely convincing in terms of speed, suppleness and durability. All this makes the Corsa a reliable companion, no matter if you race local, national or international.


Application: Road
Ground Conditions: dry, asphalt
Type: folding tyre
Tubeless System: none

Technical Information:

Rubber Compound: 4C Graphene 2.0
Carcass: 320 tpi
Sidewall: Cotton Corespun 320 TPI


- favourite tyres of the pros in the peloton
- winner of the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia, the Vuelta a España, the Classics, the World Championships, the European Championships and the Olympic Games
- high quality cotton casing adapts to the surface of the road for a smoother ride, easier rolling and better grip
- functionalised Graphene 2.0 compound enables increased durability
- 4-compounds in the tread (4C) for increased durability, better rolling and better grip on the sides


23-622 (700x23c)
Dimensions: 700 x 23c
Manufacturer Part Numbers:
- black: 11A.00.089
- para: 11A.00.090

25-622 (700x25c)
Dimensions: 700 x 25c
Manufacturer Part Numbers:
- black: 11A.00.091
- para: 11A.00.092

28-622 (700x28c)
Dimensions: 700 x 28c
Manufacturer Part Numbers:
- black: 11A.00.094
- para: 11A.00.095


Graphene 2.0:
The fundamental feature of graphene is that it changes the performance of the rubber, reinforcing the innovative characteristics of Vittoria tyres. In version 2.0, the compound depends on the tyre type and its requirements to improve the desired performance. For Road tyres, this means that Graphene 2.0 significantly reduces rolling resistance and abrasion resistance. So with this rubber compound, you don't have to compromise when speed, grip, durability and wear resistance are required.

4 Compound (4C):
4 Compound is exclusively developed by Vittoria to create a tyre without compromise. Vittoria 4C consists of a coating process that combines the 4 different rubber compounds in one tread. Both the tread and sides consist of a base and surface layer. This makes it possible to place the graphene rubber compound exactly where it is needed, depending on the type of tyre. In addition, durability and puncture protection are improved as the robust base compound resists punctures.

Cotton Carcass:
As a material, cotton helps to reduce the weight of the carcass while providing high protection and grip. Vittoria is considered the pioneer of tyres with cotton casings. To increase the overall strength of the tyre, they use Corespun yarn, a special type of yarn made of cotton and aramid fibres.
The fabric quality used in a tyre casing is expressed in TPI (thread-per-inch): the higher the TPI number, the finer the threads, the denser the weave and the smoother the tyre.

Vittoria's unique Corespun carcass is the result of years of experience, clever R&D (research & development) and advanced manufacturing technology, confirmed by millions of kilometres of cycling racing. The basic material consists of superfine poly-cotton threads. These threads have a polyester core, which is woven around with cotton. This dense fabric is then coated with latex. Corespun carcasses vary in fabric type and density as well as in additives, depending on the desired application.
Corespun 320 tpi is currently the most advanced poly-cotton carcass in the tyre industry. It consists of new, even finer and more tear-resistant threads, which do not contain any Kevlar additives, so that the supple and stretchy material properties of cotton are fully exploited.


- 2 x Vittoria Corsa G2.0 28" folding tyres


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  • para/23-622 (700x23c)
  • para/25-622 (700x25c)
  • para/28-622 (700x28c)
  • black/23-622 (700x23c)
  • black/25-622 (700x25c)
  • black/28-622 (700x28c)

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