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"Bikepacking means freedom and adventure. Near or far, on the road or in the forest, for one day or several weeks, going camping or staying in a hotel, on a mini-adventure, overnighter or multi-day self-supported race --bikepacking is what you make of it. It's all about getting out there and having a great time."

Björn, Product Management

"Saddlebags are ideal for light loads, such as a change of clothes. The large opening with roll-top closure makes packing a breeze, and the use of water-repellent or waterproof materials means that the contents are always well-protected from the elements, even on epic bikepacking tours."

Björn, Product Management

"Frame bags function ideally as heavier luggage, as you can use them to easily store extensive provisions and the appropriate utensils for your next bikepacking adventure. Frame bags offer further advantages in terms of your bike’s weight distribution: positioned centrally on the frame triangle, even a heavy load has hardly any negative effect on handling."

Björn, Product Management

Top Tube Bags

"Top tube bags are ideal for bikepacking, as they provide a place to store various small items that you find yourself frequently reaching for during rides. Great for snacks, mini-tools, mobile phones and wallets."

Björn, Product Management

"A handlebar bag is a great place to store your sleeping gear. Sleeping bags and mattresses are ideally placed on the handlebars, as their low weight has a negligible effect on your bike’s steering. When choosing the right bag, you should keep your handlebar width in mind (especially with drop bars), otherwise space problems can occur."

Björn, Product Management


"Large and heavy items that are difficult to fit into other bags can be easily stowed in panniers when bikepacking. Even heftier amounts of luggage can be easily loaded. Reliable roll-top fasteners and waterproof materials ensure that contents always remain dry."

Björn, Product Management


"When it comes to clothing you have many options. Light, quick-drying clothes are always worth considering. Versatile clothes are also practical because you can wear them on and off the bike."

Georg, Product Management

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