Bikepacking, it’s like backpacking, but with your bike. You might ask yourself, how is bikepacking different from bicycle touring? Well, bikepacking tends to use bags that integrate into your bike and do not require a rack. Of course there are no exact rules that differentiate the two, but for the sake of clarity we have put together all of the bikepacking bags that do not require a rack below. Note that bikepacking does not require a certain terrain, but the bags ability to keep you bike streamlined make them great for singletrack and off-road riding. However, they will work on any surface and help keep you entire system lightweight as well.

There are also specific accessories that work extremely well for those going bikepacking. Things like cargo cages, which allow you to attach oversized bottles or dry bags where normal water bottle cages go can help add more pack volume to your setup.

Overall, bikepacking is about getting out there whether it be for an overnighter or a month long trip. It is something everyone can take part in and that is the freedom it has to offer. Bikepacking bags and accessories only help you get out there.

"It's all about getting out there!"

Drew, Marketing