Clipless pedals

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Are you still looking for the right clipless pedals for your bike?

Find out everything about clipless pedals and find the right pedals for you with the help of our tips. Whether you are looking for new clipless or platform pedals for your MTB, road bike or gravel bike, it doesn't matter. We'll help you choose the right product to keep you on your toes.

Clipless pedal systems

On the XC- or Gravelbike, reliability, a finely adjustable release tension and good self-cleaning of the release mechanism are very important to me. Even though I have experimented with different brands in the past, there is no way around the Shimano SPD system. The absolute highlight for me is the XT PD-M8100 clipless pedal. The best possible combination of weight, features and reliability for years of trouble-free use!
Robin, Marketing
When it comes to maximum control and efficient pedaling on the trail, I rely on clipless pedals. The firm connection to the bike allows me to do tough sprints and to keep my feet on the pedal in rough sections. In addition to a proven pedal mechanism, a solid pedal cage is important to me: on the one hand it gives good support for the softer soles of the enduro shoes and on the other hand it allows short sections to be ridden without being clipped in. That is why I chose the Shimano Saint pedals.
Christian, Product Management
The pedal of my choice is the Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000. Why? It just works. The bearings run smoothly, the overall height is relatively low and the release hardness is adjustable. But the main reason why I prefer the SPD-SL platform to all other systems is the large surface. With well adjusted shoe plates (I ride the blue cleats with a little float) I have no pressure points or similar problems on my feet even after more than 200 km.
Jonas, Product Management
The crankbrothers pedals are a real eye catcher with their independent and minimalist design. They are not only strikingly light, but also have excellent self-cleaning properties and a high degree of adjustability and freedom of movement.
Julian, Purchasing
To be honest, whether you prefer Look or SPD-SL on a road bike is more a question of dogma. For me, the most important thing is reliability and a sufficiently high release force to feel secure on the pedal even during sprints. That's why I'm a fan of the Look Kéo Blade pedals, whose release force requires up to 20 NM and who never let me down in tens of thousands of kilometers. Tip: regular maintenance keeps away creaking noises!
Robin, Marketing
Two years ago I decided to use the Speedplay Zero pedals for the first time and I have been enthusiastic ever since. In a pedal with little to no freedom of movement, the natural movements of the foot are compensated for by the muscles. With Speedplay you virtually stand free on the pedal, your feet can move and after the ride you feel that the muscles had to do much lesse unnecessary work, just pushed you forward. For me, this is the absolute best pedal system that I would recommend to any ambitious athlete.

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