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Our Platform Pedal Highlights

Big feet - big pedal. With the Stamp 7 you have a pedal with a sufficiently large standing surface for the whole sole (crosswise), even if the shoe is not perfectly aligned. For all “normal” feet, the pedal is also available in a smaller size. With flat pedals, it is important that the axle is not thicker than the pedal body. Otherwise, you have to make the pins very long in order not to slip off the pedal all the time.
Michael, Media
The subjective "feeling" on the pedal plays the biggest role. Do I trust the grip, and do I stand securely on the shape of the pedal body? Only then does the pedal come into question at all. From here, we still have to discuss weight and appearance. A solid pair of platform pedals should not weigh much more than 420g. It should be flat and provide a sufficiently large and also wide contact surface for my size 45 shoes. It is also important that the supply of spare parts in terms of bearings/axle/pins is available and affordable. Personally, I am bothered by the “bearing hump” on many pedals, where an oversíze bearing sits directly on the crank arm, as I like to stand with my foot very close to the crank arm.
Felix, Product Management

Are you still looking for the right platform pedals for your bike?

Find the right pedals for you with the help of our tips on flat pedals. Whether you are looking for new platform pedals for your enduro racing bike, downhiller or trail bike, it doesn't matter. We'll help you choose the right product, so that you always have the best grip.

MTB pedals

On the way to the bike park, when a few gimmicks are on the agenda, I prefer flat pedals. Inverts, CanCans and other ice cream parlour moves can then be made to heavily impress the lift queue. My choice for that is the OneUp Aluminium pedal with a large surface and relatively long pins, which guarantee a secure stand.
Christian, Product Management
I mainly ride Enduro and All Mountain and with my rowing boat type feet (EU size 46) a large surface is very important to me. Sharp, long pins create a lot of grip and give security even in the nastiest stone fields. If this is not given, it quickly happens: Pedal to the shin. I consider good industrial bearings to be obligatory for a good pedal. I would recommend the OneUp Components aluminium platform pedals and the classic DMR Vault.

Plastic pedals

I searched for a long time and then found them by chance. My favourite MTB flat pedals ar the Comp platform pedals by OneUp Components. Thanks to the 20 pins on each side and their convex shape, the pedals offer more than enough grip. But that isn’t everything there is to say - the bearing is tried and tested and I have already done about 4000 km on several bikes. But now the feature that was decisive for me: In a direct comparison between the OneUp aluminium and the composite pedal I would consciously choose the plastic version because it has a certain damping - that's exactly what I wouldn't want to miss. And the cherry on top: the price is more than fair!
Christoph, Product Management

City & Touring pedals

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