Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 carbon 28" Wheelset - black-bright label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Campy

Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 carbon 28" Wheelset

Item number: 75965

The Bora WTO 33 28" wheelset by Campagnolo - versatile all-rounder

The Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 28" wheelset cuts a fine figure on both flat routes and mountain stages and is the perfect all-rounder. Tests in the wind tunnel improved the aerodynamics of the individual wheel parts. With the 19 mm inner rim width, tyre widths from 23 to 28 mm are possible. Whether you prefer clincher or tubeless tyres is not important, because the 2-Way-Fit technology gives you the choice. To ensure that you can travel safely in all weather conditions, the rims have All Conditions Carbon Control. Safe, modular braking performance is therefore guaranteed in all weather conditions.


Wheel Size:
Tyre Type:
clincher tyre
Number of Spokes:
18 (front), 21 (rear)
Brake Type:
rim brake
Tubeless System:
Tubeless Ready

Technical Information - Rim:

Dimensions (ETRTO):
Inner Width:
19 mm
Outer Width:
26.5 mm
33 mm
Valve Hole Diameter:
SV/Presta (6.5 mm)
Rim Material:

Technical Information - Front Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension:
9 x 100 mm quick release
ceramic deep groove ball bearings (USB)
Body Material:

Technical Information - Rear Hub:

Over Locknut Dimension:
10 x 130 mm quick release
ceramic deep groove ball bearings (USB)
Body Material:

Technical Information - Lacing:

Front Lacing Pattern:
Rear Lacing Pattern:
Spoke Type:
straight pull / bladed / double butted
Spoke Material:
stainless steel
Nipple Type:
Nipple Material:

Approved For:

Weight Limit:
120 kg
Recommended Tyre Width:
23 - 28 mm


Campagnolo has always been respected for the extreme smoothness and reliability of its hubs. These characteristics are due to the fact that all projects are developed in the R&D department and an almost manic attention is paid to every detail. The hubs with USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings further increase wheel smoothness and reduce weight and maintenance. Comparative tests have shown that USB bearings are 50% smoother than standard bearings. An increase in your competition performance or even a ride with your friends is now easier.

To counteract the main disadvantage of carbon fibre rims, the reduced wet braking performance, Campagnolo has developed All Conditions Control technology (AC3). This special, carefully designed braking surface provides reliable and powerful deceleration in all weather conditions. In dry condition the braking power increases by 3 %. In bad weather conditions, the braking power is even increased by a good 43% compared to previous models. This powerful braking system represents a performance difference of a good 55 % compared to competitor products.

In G3 geometry, the right side of the rear wheel has twice the number of spokes compared to the left side. This enables an improved energy transfer. It also reduces the stress on the spokes on the right side and increases lateral stiffness. The advantages of the G3 system are astonishing: better transmission of power, greater lateral rigidity and reduction of spoke tension on the rear wheel. Thanks to the G3 system, which compensates for the forces acting on 2 sides of the wheel, vibrations are eliminated, even for people with heavier weights.

2-Way Fit™:
2-Way Fit stands for the innovative rim profile on which both tubeless tyres and classic clincher tyres can be mounted. With 2-Way Fit you can try out for yourself which of the two solutions suits you best. You can also use the clincher solution for daily training and the tubeless solution for competition.
The tubeless tyre is without doubt the tyre of the future for Road cycling. In addition to greater comfort, there are numerous other important advantages: When using a tubeless tyre, you benefit from the better rolling characteristics, as the friction between tyre and tube is completely eliminated. A tubeless tyre cannot lose air abruptly through a hole and suddenly become flat. This therefore means a clear advantage in terms of safety. What to do in case of a tubeless flat tyre? Campagnolo's 2-Way Fit system allows you to fit a normal tube by simply removing the sealing valve, so you can go home without issue.

Colour Index:

black-bright label:
  • Rim: black
  • Hubs: black
  • Spokes: black
  • Nipples: black
  • Lettering: white


28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Campy:
Manufacturer Number:

28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Shimano:
Shimano Road
The assembly of 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on a Shimano Road Rotor requires a 1.85 mm spacer.
Manufacturer Number:


  • 1 x Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 wheelset (front and rear)
  • 2 pairs of Campagnolo brake shoes
  • 2 x Campagnolo quick releases
  • 2 x Campagnolo tubeless valves, 35 mm
  • 2 x Campagnolo valve extensions, 35 mm
  • 2 x Campagnolo reducers for valves
  • 2 x tyre lever


  • black-bright label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Campy: 1395 g (Satz)
  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.84 / 5.00


  • black-bright label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Campy, out of stock – back in stock soon
  • black-bright label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Shimano, in stock
  • black-dark label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Campy, out of stock – back in stock soon
  • black-dark label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Shimano, in stock

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Customer Reviews (1)


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by Nicolas D. on 29.09.2023
verified purchase
item: black-dark label/28" set (front 9x100 + rear 10x130) Shimano
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I'm writing this response in English in the hope that it will be beneficial many people as possible.
I've been using these wheels for two months and have done 2000 kms with them, on all types of terrains. Here's what I can say about them.
- Be careful when fitting them, the rims are quite wide, so check that you have enough brake cable to pass the wheels through, and then ensure safe braking. I had to change my cables for longer ones. This detail is not specified by either the seller nor the manufacturer.
- The first impression of these wheels is that they are very smooth. Like a conveyor belt!
- The braking is excellent, and I was pleasantly surprised.
- Their rigidity works wonder on the flat and the performance is almost equal to that of my 40cm rims ! And that's without neglecting comfort. You don't have any trouble keeping up with the watts, because the invert is excellent.
- These wheels are also excellent for climbing. But they don't have the responsiveness of my previous mountain wheels. If you're a climber puncher, you'll no doubt be disappointed by the relaunches, which, while not zero, lack peps. On the other hand, if you like to climb sitting on the saddle, regularly, it's a joy. These wheels return everything. For my part, I gain between 7 and 10w and I climb with greater ease and flexibility. As they're less nervous, I add a tooth when I want to accelerate.
- They are esthetic

In a nuschelt, the Bora are versatile and are the best of the 4 pairs I have. If I had to keep only one pair, it would be these Bora ones. Strongly recommended

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