Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit + Torque Wrench - silver/universal

Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit + Torque Wrench

Item number: 92160

The Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit with 5 Nm torque wrench for safe mid-ride repairs

The Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit from Feedback Sports is a very compact tool set consisting of a ratchet, a 25 mm extension, a torque wrench extension and ten bits. The torque wrench has a fixed setting of 5 Nm, which facilitates precise, careful tightening of bolts. The kit is perfect for quick repairs while you're out riding and is easy to carry in your jersey pocket. With hex bits from 2 mm to 6 mm, T10, T25 and T30 bits and a 3 mm flat bit, you always have the most common sizes to hand.


screwdriver, driver w/ specified torque
Tool Type:
wrench, screwdriver, socket wrench, bit
hex tool, torx tool, flat headed screwdriver
Adjustment Options:
5 Nm
Direction of Operation:
Drive Direction:
switchable right/left
hex 2 mm / 2.5 mm / 3 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm / 6 mm / Torx T10 / T25 / T30 / flat 3 mm

Technical Information:

steel (S2)
± 5% of the set value


  • compact tool kit with ratchet, 25 mm extension, 5 Nm torque wrench extension and 10 bits
  • ratchet function for quick repairs, torque wrench function for precise work
  • lightweight and perfect for taking along, fits in jersey pocket, bike bag or backpack
  • extension with fixed 5 Nm torque setting allows safe, precise tightening of sensitive components
  • 2-way ratchet can be used without torque extension for faster tightening and loosening
  • bit extension can be used as a T-handle, L-handle or I-handle (in-line) depending on the application
  • minimalist head and bit shape and 6-degree ratcheting angle for working in the smallest of spaces
  • ten marked bits made from S2 tool steel for the most common applications on the bike
  • packed in a small TPU box (75 x 95 x 18 mm) with zip and flap on the back

Manufacturer Number:



Feedback Sports Reflex Fixed Torque Ratchet Kit, consisting of:
  • 1 x ratchet
  • 1 x 25 mm extension
  • 1 x 5 Nm torque wrench
  • 1 x hex bit, 2 mm
  • 1 x hex bit, 2.5 mm
  • 1 x hex bit, 3 mm
  • 1 x hex bit, 4 mm
  • 1 x hex bit, 5 mm
  • 1 x hex bit, 6 mm
  • 1 x T10 Torx bit
  • 1 x T25 Torx bit
  • 1 x T30 Torx bit
  • 1 x flat bit, 3 mm
  • 1 x TPU transport box

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  • silver/universal, in stock

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