These days, Garmin Bike products are ubiquitous throughout the cycling sector. In addition to multifunctional sports watches and bike computers, their power meters and bike lights are also becoming increasingly popular. Our Garmin Shop carries GPS multisport watches, navigation devices, matching sensors and many accessories for planning routes and measuring performance.

Garmin shop - bicycle computers, smartwatches, and everything you need to navigate on your bike

To optimally orient oneself in the surrounding terrain and to objectively be able to measure one’s performance, cyclists need technologies they can rely on. The original goals of the founders Gary Burrell and Min Kau (put together that spells Garmin), who began developing navigation products in the USA in 1989, were set on the air, ship and street navigation sectors. However, as soon as they started to miniaturise their products, they made a name for themselves internationally. Because of this, bicycle computers, smartwatches and GPS devices are standard in the outdoor sports world today.

Garmin Bike - what products are offered for you as an ambitious cyclist?

After many development cycles and the aforementioned miniaturisation of their devices, the premium brand was able to offer products specifically for cyclists. In our online shop you will find from the popular Edge bicycle computers, Vector power meters and Varia bicycle lighting. Everything that makes a cyclist's heart race. Even the multi-sport smartwatches like the Fenix or Forerunner offer cyclists practical functions that, after using them, you won’t want to miss. We are sure to offer your various products that you will like in our Garmin bike shop.