With a history dating back to the 50s, Tacx has established itself as a well-known cycling brand. Above all, it specialises in the development of smart indoor trainers, ergometers and accessories that enable cyclists, no matter if they ride a mountain bike or road bike, to train effectively in their own homes. The quality and precision of Tacx products are second to none in the world of cycling, and the brand has set itself the task to fulfil the needs and wishes of pro and amateur cyclists around the world. You will find rollers, turbo trainers, bottle cages, tools and various cycling accessories in our shop. Start your home workout with indoor trainers now, for example with the Tacx Neo 2T or Flux S! 

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Tacx Technology


The Tacx direct-drive trainers are among the quietest ones in the market because unlike most other direct-drive trainers, they work without a transmission. This minimises noise because there are no fast-moving parts. The NEO series from Tacx offers an almost silent trainer, while the FLUX series reduces vibrations and noise to a minimum. This makes them some of the quietest indoor trainers with flywheel currently available. 

Ride feel

Tacx indoor trainers are known for their realistic ride feel and their ability to replicate the experience of riding outdoors. Some models feature dynamic inertia, which reacts instantly to speed or incline changes. Other models, including the FLUX series, are equipped with large flywheels which significantly improve the ride feel and responsiveness.


To make sure your data is reliable, all Tacx trainers are designed to be as accurate as possible. A good example of this is the NEO 2T, which has no internal transmission to affect accuracy. That is why it measures your power with impressive precision and maximum deviations of 1%.

Can Be Used without an External Device

Tacx smart trainers function perfectly in standalone mode. When they are not connected to your smartphone, computer or tablet, they will automatically simulate a flat road. This is great for straightforward or short training sessions because you can simply get on and start riding. The trainer recognises when you start to pedal and adjusts the resistance. In doing so, it takes all relevant factors into account, such as rolling resistance and air resistance. This ensures a very realistic simulation of a flat road. The resistance increases when your speed increases.

Tacx FLUX Series

Tacx NEO Series

Road Feel Function

The road feel function is only available for the NEO 2 and NEO 2T smart trainers and enables a realistic indoor cycling experience. This feature simulates surfaces such as cobblestones, mud, grit and concrete plates and transfers these vibrations to your bike if you use the Tacx software. You will feel it just like you would outdoors, e. g. riding on cobblestones. This unique innovation from Tacx provides a whole new dimension to indoor cycling and is available in the Tacx Training app, Tacx Trainer software 4.0 (subscription required) and Zwift.

Dynamic Inertia

To make the ride incredibly realistic, the NEO series features dynamic inertia which compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to ensure the most realistic and smooth ride feel possible.

Pedal Stroke Analysis

Some models, including the NEO 2T, are equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of both your legs. By adding standard ANT+® cycling dynamics, you can now also analyse your pedal stroke via third-party software, including the software on Garmin Edge® bike computers (sold separately).

With or without Power Supply

The NEO 2T can also be used without a power supply. Without power, it functions like a wireless motor brake that generates energy from your movement, enabling the trainer to communicate with apps and control the resistance unit. However, you will have to keep pedalling to maintain the communication and control of the trainer. For an optimal cycling experience, the trainer should be connected to a power supply. When it is not plugged in, it cannot simulate descents, and when you stop pedalling, the trainer will soon come to a stop.


Unlike most smart trainers, NEO trainers do not require calibration before a training session. They are designed to be always ready to be used, without any parts that wear out over time or external influences that might affect the power reading. The NEO models always offer accurate, reliable and consistent power measurements – no calibration needed.

Downhill Simulation

Most cyclists are familiar with the exciting feeling they get when they reach the top of a mountain and then accelerate into a descent. With the NEO 2T trainer, you can replicate that rush when you are riding indoors.