Giro Insurgent MIPS Spherical Full-Face Helmet - matte black/55 - 59 cm

Giro Insurgent MIPS Spherical Full-Face Helmet

Item number: 89560

The Insurgent MIPS Spherical Full-Face Helmet for downhill stages

The Insurgent full-face helmet from Giro protects you on downhill rides in more ways than one. In addition to the In-Mold shell and the additional MIPS-Spherical protection layers, it has a soft, flexible lower rim. This protects your shoulders and especially your collarbone on rough descents, and reduces the risk of a collarbone injury in case of a fall. The World Cup-proven helmet comes with 20 wind tunnel vents, with Stack Vents on the top to prevent your goggles from fogging up. The padded chin bar also provides additional ventilation. To ensure that the bike helmet fits correctly, simply adjust it to your head shape and size using the Roc Loc Air system. Another plus is the replaceable cheek padding, which you can easily remove if necessary. This is especially beneficial in case of a fall. Since things usually get hot during a race, the helmet padding is equipped with antibacterial Ionic+, which prevents unpleasant odours from sweat and keeps your head feeling fresh. With this helmet, your way to the podium is clear!


Downhill, Enduro
Air Circulation Vents:
In-Mold, MIPS spherical
Closure System:
Double D-ring


  • World Cup-tested full-face helmet for downhill and enduro
  • In-Mold helmet shell with MIPS Spherical
  • 20 wind tunnel vents, incl. ventilated chin bar
  • Stack Vents prevent goggles from fogging
  • flexible lower rim, protects the collarbone and reduces the risk of collarbone fractures
  • Roc Loc Air size adjustment
  • easily replaceable cheek padding, can be quickly removed in case of falls or injuries
  • antibacterial Ionic+ helmet padding
  • antibacterial effect due to silver ions
  • mount option for GoPro integrated into the visor with predetermined break-off point
  • meets US Downhill Helmet Test Standard (ASTM F1952)
  • meets US BMX Helmet Test Standard (ASTM F2032)


In-Mold Construction
The polycarbonate outer shell is glued to the EPS inner shell, which increases the resistance of the helmet. It also makes it easier to shape vents, which means that In-Mold designs typically have better ventilation systems and a lighter weight.

MIPS Spherical
MIPS Spherical is the further development of the " Multi Directional Impact Protection System" , i.e. a protection system for bicycle helmets. It has not one, but two movable protective layers. These can move in all directions and function similarly to a joint. The brain is thus protected against angular impact. The principle of the natural low-friction layer of the brain is adapted in order to minimise the forces that occur.

Roc Loc Air
Roc Loc Air combines bicycle helmet size adjustment with optimised head ventilation. You can adjust the size in small increments with just two fingers. The helmet design creates an air cushion between the head and the helmet shell. As a result, air flows without resistance and cools your head.

Stack Vent
Vents on the front of the helmet imitate the function of chimney vents. This prevents heat build-up and, above all, prevents goggles from fogging up.

Wind Tunnel Ventilation
Internal ventilation channels and vents direct cool air around the head and expel excess heat.

Size Guide:

51 - 55 cm:
55 - 59 cm:
59 - 63 cm:


  • 1 x Giro Insurgent MIPS Spherical Helmet


  • matte black/55 - 59 cm: 1040 g
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Customer Reviews (1)


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by Martin M. on 17.09.2023
verified purchase
item: matte white-ano blue/55 - 59 cm

ein Tag Park.... Passform bei einem Kopfumfang von 57 cm hervorragend. Gewicht (M) 1095g. Überraschend gute belüftung. Der Doppel-D-Verschluss ist lang genug um den Helm ohne den Veschluss ganz zu öffnen ab-und aufzusetzten.

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