Rotor KAPIC Crank with Boost Crank Axle

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KAPIC Crank with Boost Crank Axle - black-matte/170.0 mm
KAPIC Crank with Boost Crank Axle - black-matte/170.0 mm
KAPIC Crank with Boost Crank Axle - black-matte/170.0 mm
KAPIC Crank with Boost Crank Axle - black-matte/170.0 mm
KAPIC Crank with Boost Crank Axle - black-matte/170.0 mm
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For the toughest distances and longest marathons: the KAPIC Crank by Rotor

KAPIC is the lightest and stiffest Rotor MTB crank ever and was inspired by the six victories Rotor athletes have taken so far in the legendary Cape Epic.
KAPIC is named after the Cape Epic, the most prestigious marathon stage race where world-class riders face relentless climbs, spectacular singletrack and thrilling descents. KAPIC has the strength, agility and speed of a cheetah. Their exteriors are well-shaped and the graphics on the crank arms symbolise ancient African geometric patterns.

The innovative modular system of the KAPIC allows you to adjust each component to your bike setup and physique. The axle is available as a standard or boost version. Direct Mount technology includes a special interface that connects the crank arm, axle and chainring. This greatly simplifies assembly and disassembly. Choose the perfect chainring size for every ride and install the chainring with just one bolt.

In combination with oval Q-rings, the OCP mount technology helps you to fine-tune your optimal chainring position (OCP) in 1 degree increments. This way you maximise your pedalling power while taking your riding style into account.

The KAPIC is CNC-machined and made according to the Trinity Drilling System, with three internal holes from the axle to the pedal, which provides both weight savings and superior stiffness. KAPIC is equipped for the toughest MTB trails. Last but not least, you can customise the crank arms with rubber bumpers in seven stylish colours.


Cross Country
Chainring Mount:
Rotor Direct Mount

Technical Information:

Crank Arm Material:
aluminium (7055)
Axle Material:
aluminium (7075)
Crank Arm Length:
165.0 mm, 170.0 mm, 175.0 mm
52.5 mm
170 mm
Axle Diameter:
30 mm
Recommended Bottom Bracket:
PF30, BSA, BB92


  • particularly light and stiff crank system
  • innovative and modular design
  • best possible, direct conversion of power into forward motion
  • easy installation of chainring (sold separately) with hex tool
  • greatest possible variability of chainring position with oval chainrings
  • perfect for XC and marathon bikers
  • optional colour accents with bumper guards


Aluminium CNC
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling ensures a precise and uniform production process. This is particularly important when manufacturing components that must function properly and work in congruity with other parts. Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC equipment, Rotor parts are manufactured with extreme precision, down to a hundredth of a millimetre.

Rotor CNC cranks are stiffer than competitive cranksets thanks to Trinity Drilling System (TDS). In this procedure, three full holes are drilled from the bottom bracket to the pedal. This creates a box-like grid, similar to a box girder bridge. This makes the cranks extremely stiff while at the same time reducing weight, resulting in an excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Twin Leg
Rotor's Twin Leg Concept (TLC) offers the stiffest possible crankset by balancing the left-right stiffness of the cranks. A super stiff right crank arm is of little use if the left crank arm cannot keep up. By designing the pedal cranks as a set instead of two separate crank arms, TLC contributes to the best balanced cranks available.

OCP Mount
The exclusive Rotor technology OCP Mount stands for biomechanical optimisation of the pedal stroke when using Q-Rings. OCP Mount allows you to adjust the alignment of the chainring on the crank in 1 degree increments. The shape of the axle allows independent positioning of the crank arms and Spider or Direct Mount chainring, changing the relative position so that the optimum setting can be found for the user.
The multiple positioning possibilities of OCP Mount allow a super fine adjustment of the OCP (Optimum Chainring Position). This makes it possible to prevent or eliminate knee problems, to optimise the effectiveness of the crank rotation or to improve the traction on the MTB and cyclocross.
Position your chainrings with Rotor's OCP Mount System to get the most out of your ride.

Manufacturer Numbers:

165.0 mm:
C02-107-17010-0 + C02-107-98110-0
170.0 mm:
C02-107-19010-0 + C02-107-98110-0
175.0 mm:
C02-107-21010-0 + C02-107-98110-0


  • 1 x Rotor KAPIC left crank arm
  • 1 x Rotor KAPIC right crank arm
  • 1 x Rotor KAPIC Boost crank axle
  • not incl. chainring


  • black-matte/165.0 mm, out of stock
  • black-matte/170.0 mm, out of stock
  • black-matte/175.0 mm, out of stock

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