SKS Longboard Mudguard - Front and Rear Set

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SKS Longboard Mudguard - Front and Rear Set - black/45 mm / 28"
SKS Longboard Mudguard - Front and Rear Set - silver/45 mm / 28"
SKS Longboard Mudguard - Front and Rear Set - beige/45 mm / 28"
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End wet feet forever: the Longboard mudguard set by SKS

Doesn't matter if you are riding in the city, forest, or fields - the Longboard mudguards by SKS are the ultimate companion.

Application: All-road
Compatibility: 28" wheels
Width: 45 mm, 35 mm
Front Length: 960 mm
Rear Length: 1300 mm

Manufacturer Guarantee:

SKS guarantees each product will be free of manufacturer defects for 5 years from the time of purchase. Wearing parts are exempted from this warranty.
For more information please see the manufacturer's webpage.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

black/35 mm: 11068
silver/35 mm: 11067
beige/45 mm:: 10437
silver/45 mm:: 10438
black/45 mm: 10439


- 1 x SKS Longboard front mudguard
- 1 x SKS Longboard rear mudguard
- 2 x SKS stays


  • black/45 mm / 28": 689 g (inkl. Befestigungsmaterial)


in stock 2 to 7 days up to 10 days Out of stock inform me
  • black/35 mm / 28"
  • black/45 mm / 28"

Customer Reviews (14)


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Customer Reviews (14)


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by Mirko R.  on 10.05.2018
verified purchase
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Montage ist SKS typisch und danach sitzen die Schützer fest und sehr zuverlässig. Auch nach vielen Schmutz- und Rüttelfahrten klappert nichts und schleift nichts. Der Spritzschutz ist überragend, sowohl auf dem Rad als auch dahinter. Es stimmt: Der vordere Schutz bleibt manchmal an Kanten hängen. Das ist insofern kein Problem als die Verlängerung aus Gummi nachgibt. Allerdings stimmt es auch, dass die Sollbruchstelle vorn (dadurch) nach einer Weile weich wird. Bruch bei mir nach etwa 150 Stunden am Winterrad. Alles ist danach noch benutzbar und sitzt weiterhin gut am Rad, die Füße werden aber nicht mehr gut geschützt. Trotzdem 5 Punkte, denn ohne wären von den 150 Stunden gut und gerne 120 ins Wasser gefallen.

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by James W.  on 18.03.2018

Quite impressed with these mudguards so far. They really keep you and your bike clean especially your feet with the front mudguard only showing a few cms from the back of the front tyre. It didn't get in the way so far but yet to try them on some really rough terrain. It's a shame that they don't come in matt black like the Bluemels.

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by Sindi Spordiklubi K.  on 21.10.2015
verified purchase

They cover very well, so, you and your bike will stay pretty clean.

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by Roman A.  on 22.08.2014
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

it attaches securely and simply, very well protects from splashes, looks great, so im very happy that i had purchased this model. Also, this is the only model, that have such level of protecting from splashes

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by Teemu P.  on 17.06.2014
verified purchase
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Offers good protection from the elements and fits well on my Kona Jake (2008, cyclocross bike). While mounting, I recommend some brand of thread locker (e.g. Loctite), as the bolts on at least my front fork tended to loosen without it. (Loose bolts cause annoying squealing on every small bump. It took a while before I found the cause, but now everything seems fine again!)

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by Seppo E.  on 24.10.2011
verified purchase

This is not so thoroughly though out product.

Installation is difficult, and the installation instructions are lacking.

From other web sites I read that these are disc brake compatible ( did NOT state that!) but just to let you know, there\'s nothing disc brake compatible with these mudguards. You\'ll have to bend the arms and leave out the secu-clips to fit them on a bike with disc brakes.

I believe that it\'s because the fenders are too long, and the arms are not strong enough, that you cannot adjust the front fender properly. If it\'s close to the wheel, when you drive over a bump, the fender will shudder vertically, touching the wheel and causing noise. If it\'s far away from the wheel, the mud flap will bend inside and get stuck between the wheel and the fender.

Coverage is good, I don\'t have to worry about mud splashing on me, but I\'d be happy to pay more of mudguards that never rub against the wheels.

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