610 Ergolux active 2.0 Saddle - black/150 mm
Item number: 72854

The 610 Ergolux active 2.0 saddle by SQlab

The SQlab 610 Ergolux active 2.0 saddle is the comfort version for mountain and touring cyclists who prefer a more upright posture on their tours. Due to the slightly larger seat, you can sit more comfortably and softer in the saddle. Your sit bones do not sag and your intervertebral discs are less strained. Hallelujah. You can now pedal properly with a perfect fit, without damaging your back. The lower saddle nose also relieves pressure on sensitive areas such as pubic bones for any gender. You can adjust the flex and active movement precisely and individually to your body weight using the comfort sticks and elastomers in the active damper. The SQlab measuring board helps you to choose the right saddle width.


Touring, All Mountain, City
130 mm x 275 mm, 140 x 275 mm, 150 x 275 mm, 160 mm x 275 mm
Saddle Rails:
7 x 7 mm (standard)

Technical Information:

Rail Material:
steel (CrMo)

Approved For:

Weight Limit:
100 kg


  • more efficiency and comfort in pedalling
  • perfect hold due to the raised rear end
  • more free space and less pressure due to the deep saddle nose
  • comfortable seat position due to the wave-shaped saddle elevation
  • relief in the perineal area: 72 %
  • padding firmness in SQ-Shore: 55

Manufacturer Numbers:

130 mm:
140 mm:
150 mm:
160 mm:


More freedom - more movement - less pressure, Ergolux is the comfort version of the successful SQlab Ergowave saddle shape. Three models, each in a different width, for every application, for every bike and above all for every butt.

The construction of the saddle allows the pelvis to move horizontally. The execution of the so-called pelvic swing is thus guaranteed, as with natural walking. This ensures a round step which can relieve the strain on spinal discs and facet joints. This can contribute to fatigue-free riding and to the prevention of complaints in the area of the lower lumbar spine.

Saddle Width System
Many SQlab saddles are available in different widths, because " buying a saddle is like buying shoes" - the size has to be right! The most important thing with the saddle is that both seat bones sit completely on the saddle.

SQ-Shore is the unit for the upholstery hardness of the saddle. SQlab saddles are available in 30-70 SQ-Shore. The higher the shore, the harder the saddle.

Optimal adjustment of body weight by utilising different degrees of hardness.
white / soft up to 70 kg
grey / medium up to 80 kg
black / hard from 80 kg

If required, the Elastomer Kit-610-611-active can also be purchased as a separate item.


  • 1 x Sqlab 610 2.0 Ergolux active saddle
  • 3 x Sqlab elastomers (soft, medium, hard)

  • 100 day return period
  • Online since 1998
  • Trusted Shop 4.89 / 5.00


  • black/160 mm, in stock

Customer Reviews (1)


Customer Reviews (1)


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by Evgeny M. on 11.01.2022
verified purchase
item: black/140 mm

Невероятно доволен покупкой. Лучшее седло, что я пробовал.

Самым большим плюсом считаю то, что прошли все боли после поездок. Вообще, седло очень комфортное, каждая поездка как праздник теперь.

Пробег: 1 сезон, около 1500 км (ездил на работу + выходные выезды). Чуть-чуть заржавели рельсы. Под конец сезона внутри что-то стало довольно громко щёлкать. Внешнее покрытие воды не боится (по крайней мере, оставалось под сильным дождём несколько раз и не пострадало) и вообще осталось в первозданном виде.

Жёсткость седла - золотая середина, мне кажется. Оно упругое, но продавливается только в том месте, куда есть непосредственное нажатие.

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