SQlab 611 Ergowave active 2.1 Saddle - black/160 mm

SQlab 611 Ergowave active 2.1 Saddle

Item number: 86764
The 611 Ergowave saddle from SQlab with Active 2.1 technology is optimised for ergonomic comfort with a sporty posture on the mountain bike.

The SQlab measuring board helps you to choose the right saddle width.


Cross Country, All Mountain, Enduro
280 mm
130 mm, 140 mm, 150 mm, 160 mm
Saddle Rails:
7 x 7 mm (standard)

Technical Information:

Rail Material:
Stainless steel alloy (S-Tube)
Padding Material:
Composite (Superlight Foam)
Cover Material:
Aramid fibres (C84 Kevlar)

Approved For:

Weight Limit:
100 kg


  • significantly improved comfort compared to the predecessor model
  • weight-optimised
  • for long climbs and downhill trails
  • raised seat for a sporty posture and optimal power transfer when pedalling
  • recess (slightly deeper than on the predecessor) in the centre of the saddle and flat, slightly sloping nose relieve both the female and male perineal area
  • compliant Active movement is easy on the back
  • improved, smoother Active 2.1 technology with noticeable mobilisation of the intervertebral discs
  • water-repellent cover
  • three interchangeable elastomers in different degrees of hardness - smaller and lighter than the previous model
  • edge protection
  • relief in the perineal area: 65 %
  • padding firmness in SQ-Shore: 55


The construction of the saddle allows the pelvis to move horizontally. The execution of the so-called pelvic swing is thus guaranteed, as with natural walking. This ensures a round step which can relieve the strain on spinal discs and facet joints. This can contribute to fatigue-free riding and to the prevention of complaints in the area of the lower lumbar spine.

In cooperation with the Sqlab research and development laboratory, the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the Frankfurt University Hospital, the new Ergowave saddle shape was developed through a government-funded research project. The latest findings on the stress limits of skin, muscles and fatty tissue, as well as the nerves and blood vessels located in the perineal area, led to the new Ergowave saddle shape for a sporty riding position. The raised rear with a slightly rounded step and the subsequent wave shape that merges into a second small step gives the pelvis a lot of support, especially towards the back, and the pressure is distributed evenly over the ischial branches down to the deep structures.

MaxContact® Concept
The saddle noses of the SQlab step saddles are, according to the SQlab MaxContact® principle not curved, but flat. This increases the contact surface without increasing the width of the saddle nose. This means more safety and comfort when sitting dynamically.

Saddle Width System
Many SQlab saddles are available in different widths, because " buying a saddle is like buying shoes" - the size has to be right! The most important thing with the saddle is that both seat bones sit completely on the saddle.

SQ-Shore is the unit for the upholstery hardness of the saddle. SQlab saddles are available from 30 - 70 SQ shore. The higher the shore, the harder the saddle.

Manufacturer Numbers:

130 mm:
140 mm:
150 mm:
160 mm:


  • 1 x SQlab 6100 Ergowave active 2.1 Saddle
  • 1 x SQlab elastomer, soft
  • 1 x SQlab elastomer, medium
  • 1 x SQlab elastomer, hard

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  • black/130 mm, out of stock – back in stock soon
  • black/140 mm, out of stock – back in stock soon
  • black/150 mm, out of stock – back in stock soon
  • black/160 mm, out of stock – back in stock soon

Customer Reviews (2)


Customer Reviews (2)


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by Hannes S. on 28.03.2024
verified purchase
item: black/150 mm

Super Sattel perfekt zum Mountainbiken.
Ich fahre damit Enduro, einfach perfekt zum Rauftreten und auch für die Abfahrt

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by Patrick B. on 08.08.2023
verified purchase
item: black/140 mm

Habe meinen originalen YT Sattel gegen diesen getauscht und bin sehr zufrieden - zwar nicht billig aber gut. Leider etwas groß dimensioniert, jedoch nicht störend was die Bewegungsfreiheit bergab am Trail angeht.

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